Duck Bush, Duck

I can’t say I approve of the Iraqi journalist’s methods. President Bush is a sitting head of state, alhamdulillah on … More

Who Wants to Play?

Playing UNO with a bunch of sisters is fun and sometimes malicious. The malicious use of the draw four, draw … More

Winged Migration

Have they not looked at the birds above them, with wings outspread and folded back? Nothing holds them up but … More

My Blog is a Baby

Mezba’s blog is a woman and Suroor’s blog is a man and my blog is a baby. Although at times … More

Ibo Grammar Lesson

Nigerians particularly those from the Ibo tribe at least in my experience have this way of saying nonsense as a … More

For Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad tagged me for the Political Compass Questionnaire and I did not wish to disappoint her so I did … More