What All American Muslim Women Eat | Burgers, Fries, & Milkshakes

Burger 7 (not my tray)

We don’t always eat like a “heart attack on a plate” but last week, nearly a dozen friends and I descended on the semi-halal (it’s complicated) Burger 7 restaurant in Falls Church, Va. There was an All American Muslim convert moment when, of course, another convert and I were the first ones to arrive (early).

A colleague of mine had recommended that I try the fried egg topping on my burger so with some nagging trepidation I ordered it. And to my surprise it was rather flavorful and delicious.

I’ve never thought milkshakes and burgers go well together but they seem much more appealing when all the other drinks on the menu are alcoholic or caffeinated. So most of us ordered milkshakes to go with our meal. The laughter and good conversation were plentiful  and we lingered for a couple of hours until nearly closing time.

This week after attending an event at Newseum near Capitol Hill in D.C., some friends and I wanted to grab a bite to eat for dinner. At 10pm, our options were pretty limited but one friend who used to work in the area directed us to the Good Stuff Eatery on Pennsylvania Avenue, which thankfully is open until 11pm.

Not only did we get amazing nighttime views of D.C. including the Supreme Court, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building but we also had some more tasty burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

The politically savvy menu includes items like the Michelle Melt Free Range Turkey Burger, the Prez Obama Burger, and the Vegetarians Are People Too ‘Shroom Burger. I ordered the veggie burger and we shared a side of Village Fries topped with thyme, rosemary, and sea salt. The beer and soda beverages just aren’t my thing so we each choose a milkshake from the dozen or so specialty ones listed.

No night in D.C. would be complete without a parking story. After we left the Newseum, we debated whether or not I had to move my car after the three-hour time limit expired. I thought I did but since the parking sign only indicated parking instructions until 10pm, we decided to risk it and leave my car parked on the street until after we ate. When we returned, I was greeted with a pink parking citation on my windshield.


    1. Without a nationally recognized certification process, the halal designation is already tenuous enough that I find semi-halal restaurants to be suspicious and on my own probably wouldn’t visit them.

      Semi-halal meaning you have to ask for halal meat, otherwise you’ll probably get the non-zabiha fare. What happens if they run out of zabiha, will they not still sell you a burger? How sure can a customer be that the meat is zabiha?

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