My Blog is a Baby

Mezba’s blog is a woman and Suroor’s blog is a man and my blog is a baby.

Polar Bear & Baby

Although at times it feels like a penguin. Have you seen March of the Penguins? Watch the trailer.


When I neglect or put her (I guess my blog is a she) down for a while, she begins to cry out for me. When I go to work, I feel like I’m leaving her behind in daycare. I worry if she will be ok when I am away and wonder if I should put her into full moderation so she doesn’t see any mean-spirited comments or disgusting spam.

When I’m away from her, I’m always thinking of new gifts (posts) and clothes (themes) for her, she’s too young for hijab so I don’t password protect my posts although sometimes I am tempted to do so.

I wonder how she will turn out as she grows up, she has continually surprised and amazed me with her independance, even when I go away she is able to adpat and take care of herself.


  1. Salamaat,
    I love this 🙂 It’s so much more apt than a man/woman (no offense to both Mezba/suroor). I do worry about hateful comments and have moderated/un moderated many times. It’s so cute :)…leaving her in daycare..awwww….

  2. Jermaine has caused national controversy by openly praying his obligatory five time prayers live on national TV. However Channel Four the Broadcaster has censored any footage of the Former Jackson Five practicing his faith. Outraged muslims have begun to complain on grounds of fair representation as Shilpa Shetty was broadcast practicing Yoga, they are demanding an explanation from Channel four as to why Jermaine Praying has been censored. Complaints to Ofcom the body that adjudicates media complaints are set to flood in this monday. Jermaine has begun to attract many thousands of muslim votes.

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    Maliha, I used to think I was all into free speech but some of the comments I’ve gotten are just vulgar or hateful so I delete them without any regrets. I think I’ve struck a good balance by sending all comments from first-time commenters into moderation because most of the vulgarities come from first-timers and once their comments do not make it onto the blog for public view they usually do not return although there are some that keep trying to post nonsense every now and again.

    Alshabaz, not quite sure what you are talking about although I did hear on the radio that one of the Jacksons was appearing on some Big Brother type show.

  4. bumper cars . . . funny my dr. at DUS gave the same analogy. I wonder if it was the same source. hmmm.

  5. Very warm salaams to all, I’ve been away for a bit.

    Shaz & UmIbrahim between my bonsai Kalimah and my blog, I feel just a small bit like a mother.

    Umm Binat, yeah it’s a great analogy and I presume it’s the same doctor.

    Suroor, blessings to you and your friendly guy blog.

  6. hahah.. that’s so cute.
    But yeah, it kinda made me thought about my own blog. I use to worry about my blog too, to the point where I neglect it coz I was in denial. Thus I shall not attach any human characteristics to my blog coz if my blog is a baby, that makes me a bad mom. Subahan Allah.

    I’ve had my blog since 2002 and I’d hate for anyone to read what I wrote on it in those yesteryears. If I had to use your analogy, yeah, my blog definitely needs hijab thus the archiving’s been disabled.
    I had a debate with myself a while back if my blog was gonna be that typical teenage narcissitic blog or if it should cover more useful and pressing issues.
    Thus over the years, it developed from being that teen online diary to, blogging for the sake of keeping up with family and friends to, pseudo educational/attempts at making intelligent post type of blog.

    I must admit that it’s far from the making-headlines-with-worthy-discussion-or-reads type of blog but it has definitely grown.
    I guess my blog is just a creative outlet for whatever angst that’s left in me and it still is a means of communication with my family and friends, which i appreciate.
    But insha’Allah, one day it shall be a nice informative blog (like yours) that’s able to reap rewards. (wait, i still get rewarded for keeping ties right? heheh.)

  7. Asalamu alaykum,

    Liyana I’ve missed you guys big time. I do feel like a bad mother to my blog sometimes and a bad friend on my blog, you know not responding to comments in a timely fashion or not at all and not returning my phone calls although I’m getting better. Thanks for sharing the link, don’t be ashamed.

    “Nice informative blog”? My blog is nothing special, there are some blogs that are simply amazing and I know I’m not in that group. I find that writing helps me organize my thoughts and deal with some emotions that I would otherwise just keep inside. And that I benefit from the feedback of others like when I asked about the qira’aat or on the drop-top hijab.

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