Duck Bush, Duck

I can’t say I approve of the Iraqi journalist’s methods. President Bush is a sitting head of state, alhamdulillah on his way out, but I believe, no matter our differences, he should at least be afforded a modicum of respect.

If you would like to try to emulate the journalist, you can try your shoe throwing skills in the Can You Throw A Shoe at Bush game.


  1. I would have to disagree here, Bush has never listened to the voices of his own people or those he imposes himself on.
    He needed a shoe thrown at him (this is after all the highest form of insult in Iraq), it won’t make the president or his administration cry a river for the many lives lost in this senseless war.
    It was meant to humiliate the president, and he got off lightly.
    What this video, and every one, does not tell you are the screams coming from the other room as Bush’s bodyguards beat the protester to a pulp.

  2. If the act was meant to humiliate Bush, his response laughing it off and stating he didn’t know “what the man’s beef was” just shows it didn’t work.

    And it seems to me that some Muslims who are taking such delight in this act are the same ones that are most offended by polemics, films, and cartoons that attempt to defame our religion or important figures in Islam like the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

    I simply don’t think Muslims, especially not those crying the loudest for others to respect our mores and taboos should condone this act of disrespect, no matter our disagreements with the policies of Bush even if we enjoy watching it.

  3. Salaams Sis:

    I totally disagree with you. Even if one thinks that Bush is a total idiot, and even if he was a terrible president, the “modicum of respect” is the key issue here. It’s sorely lacking these days. Besides, someone could have really gotten hurt. It wasn’t like it was a flip flop or something. Muslims should not be cheering this Middle Eastern behavior that has nothing to do with the religion of Islam.

    Likewise, I felt bad at the disrespect shown toward Sadaam Hussein after he was captured by the Allied Forces. All the publicity (i.e., images of them taking him out of that hole, the doctor checking his mouth, etc.) was meant to humiliate him.

  4. So the reasons you stated is that he deserves respect because he is the leader of a country? Thats it? Wow that is deep. So someone who has had his country invaded, bombed to pieces and watched his countrymen die by the 100’s of thousands should respect him?

  5. President Bush should be shown a modicum (def. a small quantity of a particular thing, esp. something considered desirable or valuable) of respect as his rank and title deserve, the same could be said of any world leader, regardless of the odiousness of their policies.

    There are other leaders today, whose policies have been more detrimental to a particular country than those of the Bush administration, should we go around lobbing objects at them, or trying to harm or humiliate them physically, do you advocate that individuals go around trying to assassinate leaders that they feel have harmed their country? What about religious leaders? So if someone feels that Islam or Muslims have harmed them, will you support his or her right to defame the Quran, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), Muslim imams or leaders?

    My concern is with the coarsening of public discourse and behavior and I oppose this coarsening as in the throwing objects at world leaders, cheering that behavior, publishing inflammatory cartoons about Islam, etc.

  6. One of the most humiliating aspects of the continued conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan is that western leaders still have to make unannounced “surprise” visits to these regions they claimed to be liberating because even with all of their security they are in fear for their lives so how much more insecurity and instability is there for an ordinary citizen.

  7. Bottom line for me is that respect is earned, not just given to someone because they are a leader of a country. What you seem to be suggesting is that even when our brothers and sisters in Islam have been abused, invaded, killed, tortured etc that we should respect the head of the country that imposed those things.

  8. @SabrwithDunya Did you actually read what she typed? I understand the issue maybe hitting close to home, but can you really not understand the point being made? You say it’s okay to throw shoes to try and humiliate Pres. Bush because you don’t like his policies or how he ran this country.

    So if you condone this act because of how you feel, then you must understand that somebody may feel this exact same way about Islam, the Qu’ran and/or Prophet Muhammad (saw). So the next time cartoons are printed about Prophet Muhammad (saw) or worse will you support that?
    Bottom Line: wrong is wrong. Whether we are talking about President Bush or the shoe thrower

  9. Modicum of respect??? He didn’t actually hit the monkey, did he?

    Tell it to the family members of “thousands” of Iraqi’s who have died in the “war to expand terror”. I am sure we would all feel differently if we lost dozens of our family members due to negligence and vicious, crusader policies.

    How much more proof does one need to call a sitting, elected president a criminal?

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