My name is Ify, pronounced E-fee. I’m a Muslim woman, AfriYorkan (part African, part New Yorker, fully American). I’m from New York and my parents are from Nigeria. A nurse, reader, budding photographer, recovering news junkie, and trivia buff. Liberaldox, a writer and an activist with a passion for justice.

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My friends and I praying on the sidewalk outside the Islamic Center of Washington after risking arrest for praying in the main hall.


  1. may Allah give ur parents and other parents a long life and keep them protected by any grief as such that can block their future paths in life

  2. salam…saw ur comment on my new blog… i am afraid this blogging will get addictive… btw i have a new post on the 2006 election….

    i see that u go to dar-us-salam… i was there on saturday with my family.. maybe u met w/my wife… she was wearing a black burqa/niqab with 3 kids… one very cute baby, we were out-of-towners of course… we LOVE that community. unfortunately, as much as we would like to, the logistics of my work wont allow us to move there (at least not yet).

    inshallah, we do plan to try to come for sh safi’s classes, as possible…

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    Yes, blogging can become addictive. I may have seen her but can’t recall. I came early and then some sisters invited me their homes so I left but I came back for Br. Safi’s lecture in the evening.

    May Allah make it easy for you and your family. I love that community, I always feel a sense of sakinah as I pull into the parking lot and sad when I drive away.

  4. finally made my way here…
    Which reminds me, I need to update my own blog.
    See you on Friday, insha’Allah.

  5. as salam alykum. i know i am supposed to have a website to be here but i just couldn’t resist sending a reply o my sister who is from nigeria. i am also from nigeria and in fact i live in Lagos, nigeria. also i just stumbled on this site and i fell in love with it. i hope to gain from it inshaallah. i’m also a memeber of the almaghrib community forums though i am not very frequent there. soooooooooooo…………….. wa salam alaykum.

  6. Was passing near by and thought that I should leave my footprints. I’m also an apple love … but don’t own a Mac 😀

  7. I hope, Insha Allah, your favorite movie is fulfilled. Nigeria, like all of Africa is a part of me; it’s a pleasure reading from one from there.

  8. As Salaamu Alaikum MA;

    You go to Dar us-Salaam, too? So do I! My little one goes to Al Huda. I used to teach there and am praying that Allah will allow me to work among the Muslims again. It’s one of the few communities that is relatively fitnah-free. Not perfect, but , masha Allah, the Muslims greet me there warmly no matter if we’re dressed differently, unlike some paces you go. I know a Nigerian sister there..maybe it was you I used to sit next to in Qur’an class…?

  9. Asalamu alaykum,

    Yeah Umm Atiyya, I miss our weekend Quran classes and the camaraderie and sisterhood of reciting in our small group and listening, learning, and correcting each other. Maybe we could get together again just to recite.

  10. I would love that! I intend to continue classes this coming September with our dear teacher. But I would welcome the opportunity to get together with you since I haven’t seen you since the Chain of Command class.

    I’m supposed to have my own web site to be on here? …My bad. I’m new to blogging and have spent WAAAAY too much time on Umm Adams’s blog, but I really enjoy hearing about her life. Makes me think I’m in/wanna go to Saudi. But the non-driving thing hangs me up. Man, I used to ride motorcycles and enjoy the wind flapping my khimar out the back of my helmet! Can’t drive?!!! Oh, well, hijrah should be for Allah, not the gas pedal.

    Btw, my favorite is nice, crisp Gala with a hunk o’ cheddar chese!

  11. Asalamu alayku wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

    My sincerest apologies for overlooking some of you.

    Soul Purity: I hope you find something beneficial here, one of the few reasons I don’t delete this blog is because people tell me they have benefited from something I’ve posted.

    Sanix: Thanks for leaving your footprints, apples and macs are blessings. 🙂

    Omar: Ameen and the same for you.

    Irving: Ahh, I would love to hear about that movie and thanks for adding me to your blogroll, you’re in my Google Reader so I can keep tabs on your posts.

  12. Hey Muslim Apple, I finally figured out who u are! “that cool sister that i always run into at darussalam on random days when I’m there and who loves her macintosh!” 🙂


  13. Asalamu alaykum AlwaysRed (I like that nickname),

    A belated Eid Mubarak to you.

    Alhamdulillah, yeah we do seem to run into each other on random days and I do love my Mac and the new operating system named Leopard comes out next week, super exciting…well super exciting for me at least. 🙂

  14. I saw you tonight and I remember the sheikh mentioned the thing about telling someone you love them for the sake of Allah. And I wanted to tell you that I love you for the sake of Allah. Mash’allah I always feel you have sakeenah. I hope that is always the case with you insh’allah!

    Your sister

  15. Asalamu alaykum Naureen, and indeed I love you for the sake of Allah as well. Ameen to your dua. May Allah subhana wa ta ala protect you and envelop you in His mercy and shower His blessings upon you. Ameen.

    O Allah, make me better than they know and forgive me for what they do not know.

  16. Asalamu alaykum,

    Thanks, I’ve been through quite a few themes and would be happier if I had a sidebar on the right or left instead of on the bottom.

  17. al salam alaykom
    i m egyptian living in saudi arabia
    your beautiful words and your simplicity touched my heart
    mashaa allah

  18. SubhannaAllah I stumbled upon your blog awhile back when doing a search and really liked it, it was your edumacation page I liked the sometimes sardonic tone. Saved it b4, didnt know where it went but I found you again today, al hamdulilah. Realize you use wordpress, too. So I wanted to say first, “Ahh…no I didnt have that movie in my head where I cross over the bridge at the speed of light. Mine is more like: Searing heat surround me as I stand alone on a narrrow, uneven and torturous landbridge high above a neverending pit,the fire leaps at me from all sides,melting the end of every tiny hair on my body as I smell my eyebrows burn to the root and my eyelashes dissipate. Then i look up and see the bridge suppossed to lead me to Jannah goes on practically indefinetely. That’s my image. I don;t think I had enough sleep when I saw Lord of the Rings! The picture in my head is if I am even rewarded enough and I don’t have to be pulled out from the Jahannum at the last minite by my more rightous brothers or sisters. Ahh! (as my face brightens and i offer you a cup of tea) Ramadan is coming up! I’ll make dua yours has ease and benefit. JazakAllah Khair for keeping me informed and taking the time to post your ideas and other’s great or beneficial blogs.May Allah guide you and give you the best in this life and the herafter.~Assalmaoualaioam, (sisterseekingilm)

  19. assalamu alaykum warahmatuLlah wabarakatuH

    it’s a great pleasure to know a muslimah loving mac and keeping her Islam in america sharing her mac stuff, many thanks

    btw, does microsoft office 2008 still not support arabic texting, jazakiLlah

  20. Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Sadly, Microsoft Office 2008 is no better than the previous 2004 edition in terms of Arabic support but Apple’s Pages software is much better although far from ideal in terms of their Arabic support. Try their free 30-day trial. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  21. Salaamu ‘Alaikum Muslim Apple!!

    I stumbled upon your awesome blog in randomness then I realized I believe I have been to it before but I didn’t have a clue it was you till I met you this past week, Nifty! May Allah ta’ala bless your blog and make it a means of spreading khair to the masses, Ameen!

    (and no I didn’t have a load of sugar .. well I had some but not a whole bunch .. I have a kiwi on my desk that I shall eat soon, Insha’Allah. Sorry for being really random, and I liked the spicy spicy ginger APPLE chew that you shared with me!)

  22. Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah Rimza!!!

    La hawla wa la quwatta illa billah. Did I ever tell you that I find it rather embarrassing to know that people I know are reading my blog? Doesn’t make much sense, I know, just the way it feels 🙂 I was going to say on the forums that I’m glad I finally got to really meet and hang out with you on the last day on the ride back from the banquet hall. Glad you liked the ginger chew, hope the scary ginger root pic didn’t put you off.

  23. Assalamualaikum sister in Islam,

    May Allah swt accept the service from you, Ameen

    May Allah swt fill your life with all the happiness of this world and of the hereafter, Ameen

    Take care.

  24. Hi! I’m writing you on behalf of the Protection Project. We are collecting some insights from Islamic bloggers on the position of Islam regarding Human Trafficking and we’d love to know what you’d have to say about the topic. What is your opinion regarding the stance of Islam on trafficking and exploitation of women, children and domestic workers? Thank you very much!

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