For Patience and Gratitude

The sister over at Patience and Gratitude also the name of a lovely gem-filled book by Ibn Qayyim tagged me some time ago for 6 weird things about myself but I didn’t do it and left an explanation here and she replied by saying this and then I felt bad and it’s been weighing on my mind since then.

I went to her house and I thought she would ask me about it but she didn’t and I felt relieved but also a little disappointed. Then Digital Nomad tagged me and I decided to do it because it was decidedly less personal that the weird one but then I felt bad again for not doing the weird one so I am now doing it in sha Allah but I don’t want people to take this as an invitation to tag me and as you can see I am not tagging anyone.

Six Weird Things about Muslim Apple:

I have a thing with touch, it’s weird.

1. I used to say quite seriously that I did not like to be touched at all by anyone for any reason but I’ve realized that this is not true. I just don’t like some touches like being poked, prodded, stabbed at, tickled, grabbed unsuspectingly, or emotional hugs.

2. I love the feel of rubbing smooth fabric between my fingers especially between my index and middle fingers, I find it very soothing.

3. The sound of bare feet rubbing on carpet is almost unbearable and very painful. That sound goes painfully straight into my head, into my brain, and causes me to shiver.

4. I love cotton candy. I know, it’s just sugar but I really like it. There’s this one gas station that I go to just to get cotton candy. And when I find a store or 7-Eleven that sells it, I make a mental note of the place so I can return to it to get my cotton candy fix.

5. I went to kindergarten when I was 4 and I clung to my teacher’s skirt for the first 10-15 weeks and she wrote it down on my progress report card that I would never leave her side. And I was so shy that my parents had to send my older sister with me to class to teach my teacher and the other students how to say my name. This was like well into the first quarter of the school year.

6. I have a phone phobia, which is probably an extension of my introversion and shyness. I find it extremely difficult to call people, not just people I don’t know but even my family members, but not always especially if they call me alot. I am known by my friends for rarely picking up my phone, even rarer if I don’t recognize the number, and for not returning phone calls. But I really like to listen to voicemail messages and feel a bit let down if someone doesn’t leave a message.

SubhanAllah, I am never doing another tag, I find it too weird, so please don’t tag me.


  1. awww… thanks, apple! you didn’t have to do the meme if you didn’t want to. i feel bad that you’ve been feeling bad about it. it’s just a meme, after all. but that said, THANKS! to think i only knew half of your weird things. i mean, cotton candy?? that’s weird, lol. i’ll try my best not to tag you publicly in the future, but maybe i can just tag you in person, when you come over?

  2. Alhamdulillah, there’s a lot of stuff I just couldn’t bring myself to write and even this post I had originally password protected it but then I relented. Yeah, in sha Allah, private tagging is ok.

  3. How does one rub fabric between the index and middle finger? – since they’re next to each other. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out.

  4. I don’t know koonj, you just do. Maybe I didn’t explain it well but I don’t know what other adjective to use.

    Just imagine (or try it) that you are wearing soft loose clothing and you put your index finger on one side of those natural gentle folds that appear and the middle finger on the other side and then you move those two fingers up and down or back and forth. But you’re only using the tips of the fingers until just below the bottom of the nail.

    It just feels softer and more soothing between those two fingers than any others, at least to me but then again I’m a little weird.

  5. I’ll be the first to say…you’re the least weird person I know. 🙂
    I think the only weird thing on that list is the feet and carpet thing…lol…sorry that made me laugh. It reminds me of my little brother, supposedly his teeth hurt whenever you scratch a fork or utensil against a clean plate (you know that nasty sound it makes), it agonizes him if someone does it.

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