Who Wants to Play?

UnoPlaying UNO with a bunch of sisters is fun and sometimes malicious. The malicious use of the draw four, draw two, skip, and reverse cards are not always in the spirit of loving for your fellow Muslim what you love for yourself.

Just to raise the stake a bit the winner gets to select an ayah from any place in the Quran and selects one of the losers (I mean runner-up, second place is first loser and all that) to tell us from which surah the ayah is found in and complete it.

Who wants to play? I’ll bring the cards. 🙂


  1. As-Salaam Wa-alaikum Muslim Apple, I came to your blog thru Mystery Egg’s blog. And what should be in the first post I read… UNO! I love uno! I remember playing with my family as a kid… My grandma used to win everytime. This Summer I found UNO H2O… it adds a whole new element plus the cards are water proof. Anyway now you probably think I’m silly. Take care & Salaams

  2. Wa alaykum salaam Amira, MysteryEgg is a cool cat. After your recommendation I might have to check out UNO H20. I’m a bit of a techy but in some things I’m old-fashioned like I can not for the life of me figure out how to use an electric can opener and I like old-school UNO and Connect Four but we’ll see in sha Allah.

    Thanks for stopping by and no I don’t think you are silly. I mean I still have not mastered and find it difficult to tie my shoelaces, now that’s silly.

  3. Dude i’m totally up for it! Remember when we were playing UNO at UNOs. It was really fun, and I did feel a lil mean pulling out those cards on my sister, but it was totally halal…inshaAllah 🙂
    Tell me when you’re down inshaAllah.
    asalamu alaykum

  4. Asalaamu Alaikum Muslim Apple,

    I’m in! My parents and I play UNO regularly! Once when I was little my mom and I played UNO and the loser had to eat this not so yummy dessert my grandma made. You guessed it I lost but that still hasn’t put me off UNO; although, I don’t look at banana pudding the same! 🙂

    ma’a salaamah,


  5. Asalamu alaykum,

    I would bring the cards to jummah but I gotta roll out after the salaah.

    Bill: Jokers are allowed, that’s part of what makes the game so fun. Not quite sure how long distance UNO would work though.

    Feel free to add me. I don’t think I can really complain about being added to blogrolls.

    Hijabi Apprentice: I feel you on that banana pudding. We have a dish called bread fruit that is neither bread nor fruit and I think it’s disgusting so having to eat that was a severe punishment for me.

  6. Your transparent attempt to use distance as a means to constrain my right to play UNO in a multicultural environment is both offensive and blatantly against the spirit and the letter of the Fjord Accords.

    Yes, that’s a joke !

    Interesting concept about using food as a punishment, though. Thats scary. You lose, you have to eat a slab of Vegemite. ((shudder))

  7. I forgot to mention — I went to that Learn Arabic site you have posted. Man, they have a pretty web design — elegantly done.

  8. I played UNO yesterday and lost.

    Bill: What is vegemite? It sounds bad. Bayyinah Institute has some excellent web design and their classes are even better.

    HijabMan: I like to change the rules. Once I was playing with a group of 5 or 6 and someone was always breaking out the rule pages to see if the moves were legal.

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