UPDATED: “I’m not shaving until Osama is captured!”

UPDATE: Gary Weddle was true to his word and did not shave for 3,454 days.

A man in Washington state has refused to shave since 2001. He says he was so engrossed in following news reports in the week after the attacks that he forgot to shave. He then vowed to not shave until Osama bin Laden was captured. His beard length now resembles that of bin Laden and he says he is prepared to take his vow to the grave.

1823 days and counting…

On a side note, a popular joke says that if the Bush administration was really serious about locating Osama bin Laden then they would have enlisted the AARP to find him.


  1. Not shaving? Oh, THERE’S an effective method of finding bin Laden…. Wonder if trimming the edges count as a dimunition of his committment?

  2. Maybe.

    Another blogger commenting on the same story said: Have fun at the airport because now that he “looks Muslim” he is more likely to be harassed and selected for unrandom random screening.

  3. I think profiling increases the likelihood of success in finding certain people, whether it’s terrorists or thieves driving on the New Jersey Turkpike. The problem comes in when the number of false positives climbs, as your other commenter notes. At that point, someone needs to make a rational (ay, theres the rub) decision about whether the cost of continuing the program is worth the benefit – and much of that decision will be based on political grounds.

  4. i fink dats stupid, not shavin until Osama’s caught, i am statin 2 fink dat Osama is jus a made up man, and thye r jus waning 2 blame sommat on a Muslim, cos i Osama was so much as true, then how come they havent caught him yet?
    sommat 2 fink bout, yet theyve caught loadsa ppl who they claim r part of da plane bombs

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