Finding Ify and Leaving Muslim Apple Behind…

I was not an avid reader of blogs for a very long time and resisted the pressure to get into it for a while. But once I did begin to read some of the blogs in the Muslim blogosphere, I loved it and learned so much and met some amazing people.

I was just beginning a journey into a new phase of my Islam, the honeymoon period was ending some four years into my new found faith and the name Muslim Apple allowed me a certain anonymity. Muslim – that’s me. Apple – I like apples, I was born and raised in New York (upstate), we had an apple tree in our front yard just outside my window, and I had rediscovered my love of all things Mac, some years earlier.

Now, I’m at a point where I’m comfortable in my name, which I had to reclaim along with other parts of my identity, some still left to reclaim.

The domain is expiring this month and I’m not sad to see it go, it has served me well. We (the royal we) are moving on to more of me as Ify. Hence, the new domain name Same content, different address, please update your links.


  1. Just realized that I have to update my links now that my url has changed. I’ve updating for absolute links to relative links and have made it back to part of October 2006. Insha’Allah, will finish the updates tomorrow. My apologies for the broken links.

    It’s so interesting to scan through some of my old posts, remembering things and emotions I had forgotten and seeing how I’ve changed and grown as a person and in my understanding of m faith.

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