AlMaghrib in November

AlMaghrib Institute has the largest student body in North America dedicated to learning the Islamic sciences. AlMaghrib has a number of high-caliber students of knowledge and/or experts in their chosen fields teaching seminars across North America.

Unlike some other institutes that just have a couple of instructors and are only able to host one seminar at a time, AlMaghrib Institute in the month of November will have 11 seminars taking place in many different locations across the North American landscape.

If one of the seminars is happening close to your locality, I would recommend that you take it because if you let it pass you by, you will have missed something great indeed. If you have a sincere heart and desire to increase your knowledge in the varied sciences of Islam, you will not be disappointed.

Give your excuses a black eye and enroll today!

Check out more promotional videos created by AlMaghrib’s talented student body here.

From the Storehouse:

Is AlMaghrib the anti-Zaytuna? Is Zaytuna the anti-alMaghrib?


  1. A few concerned South Africans have recently replicated the structure and seminars of AlMaghrib, and inshaAllah they are successful in their endeavours!
    Seems to be brilliant work so far…

  2. Alhamdulillah, the more people are able to learn their deen in an inviting and intellectually stimulating manner the better. We see many institutes now attempting to copy the AlMaghrib model simply because it was a pioneer in the field and has been so successful. May Allah increase us all in knowledge and protect our instructors. Ameen.

  3. for those of us with small children, these courses are very difficult to attend. are there other ways of getting the knowledge presented at them? like, do they put out cds of the course afterwards? i’d really to love to attend that history course, but there’s just no way i could with the kiddos.

  4. Mashaa Allah, Durbah is such a strong qabeelat. We had a really cool sister from Durbah come up to take a class with us in Ottawa. Enjoy the class inshaa Allah, we’re having Fiqh ad-Da’wah this weekend and next weekend =)

  5. apple- have you taken or listened to tafseer juz amma? on the emanrush website, they have the study packet and exam available for download, so i’m tempted to get that one first.

  6. Yes, Almaghrib rocks!

    Iman develops… in sha Allah, I might be in Ottawa in December.

    Z, yeah Juz Amma is awesome. You can borrow it from me if you want except I think my last cd is scratched but if you burn it to your computer it plays normally.

  7. Asalamu Alaikum,

    Durbah represent! New Jersey will rule all 🙂

    AlHamdulillah, in most of the classes, there is babysitting provided. I’ve seen this myself. Have a talk with your local Qabeelah’s Ameer/Ameerah about the situation to double check though.

  8. Asalamu alaykum,

    We used to provide childcare but as of late since we have moved to having the seminars at the University of Maryland and George Mason Univ. we have not been able to organize any childcare and its mostly left up to individuals.

  9. all day saturday and sunday is a looong time for little ‘uns not used to daycare. and for nursing babies, it’s a no go. but borrowing cds from friends? this is fabulous for everyone. (in other words, i’d love to borrow juz amma, apple. jazak Allah khair.)

  10. It’s not necessarily all day usually the weekend classes begin at 10 or 10:30 and there is a two hour break for dhuhr and lunch around 1pm.

    The classes in Canada usually finish at maghrib time but in the US the classes usually go to 7 or 8pm. Although, when we took Yasir Qadhi’s aqeedah class the timings were 9-5.

    We’ve had a couple of nursing mothers attending the seminars with their children.

    You should call (emphasis on the word call) Muslim Apple and leave a message reminding her to bring the set before she comes over next time, in sha Allah. 😉

  11. so, in theory, i could leave the kid with daddy and bring the baby?! uh oh (for hubby), this opens a whole new realm of opportunity…

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