Al Muhajiroun: Desperately Seeking Celebrity

Found a link to this article on Austrolabe’s site:

Journalist Roger Howard met with members of the repugnant Al Muhajiroun group based in the UK. You may remember that this group “celebrated” the second anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 with a conference called “The Magnificent 19”. His conclusions are fascinating in that group members seem more like Paris Hilton or contestants on a reality show in coveting and desperately trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame by their outlandish behavior and incendiary comments.

These supposedly devout Muslims slowly turned each page for me to see, wanting to share their glory and watching my reaction closely to make sure that I was properly impressed by what I now saw. The larger the article and the more damning the headline, the more proudly it was shown to me by these young men whose whole presence, demeanour and bearing had changed so visibly during these few minutes.

Desperately Seeking Celebrity: A visit to Al Muhajiroun’s headquarters persuaded Roger Howard that participants on Big Brother and British-born Suicide Bombers have similar motivations – both are desperately seeking celebrity

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