Ilm Summit Reflections #1

Thus far, Ilm Summit has been an amazing, awe-inspiring, humbling, eman-boosting, academic, and bonding experience. It has met and exceeded my expectations and motivated me to push myself to reach ever higher standards. The instructors, curriculum, wild card sessions, and khatirahs are amazing. I love starting the day after fajr with Quran and the length and timing of the sessions and breaks are much appreciated.

I’ve met and bonded with an amazing group of sisters and students, some I had met before from my travels through the AlMaghrib world, some only through the forums and email but most were new and I was able to connect on a deeper level with some sisters and form in sha Allah, what I hope are lifelong bonds.

The hotel is very comfortable, the menu is great, love the variety of meals and abundance of healthy options including fruits and vegetables. I love the fitness center, ping-pong table, and studying in the courtyard late into the night.

I have zero complaints. This is exactly why I made my intention to come to Ilm Summit, to learn this knowledge, to gain maximum benefit from our weeks in this bubble of ilm. I don’t need anything watered-down and don’t need more break time. I remember the warning and advice of Shaykh Yaser from the first day, that people will remember their regrets and disappointments and I have tried to minimize the opportunity for either of those two sadnesses to enter my life here at Ilm Summit.

May Allah reward the organizers and the volunteers with an abundance of good in this life and the next. Ameen.


  1. I am very pleased for you. That sort of exhilaration and motivation is hard to come by, and doubly precious when it does. Good for you!

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