Relaxed Restrictions on Comments

I used to help manage the Dr. Ali Al-Timimi’s Support Committee’s website and we had to put a lot of restrictions on the comments because we didn’t have the lovely Akismet to block spam although it sometimes works too well as it blocked a comment from Eteraz. About half of the comments were spam, another 25% were vitriolic hate mail, and the other 25% was from reasonable people just trying to voice their opinion.

So when I created Muslim Apple, I also put the max level of restrictions on comments. But yesterday, HijabiApprentice and Mental Muslima mentioned to me that they weren’t able to post comments so I’ve relaxed the restrictions. In sha Allah, it should be easier to post comments now.


  1. Thanks! I still couldn’t post until I registered as a wordpress user, but now I’m in!! 🙂

    ma’a salaamah

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