Anwar al-Awlaki Jailed

Anwar al-Awlaki 1Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen has been arrested and detained in Yemen since August 31, 2006. The U.S. government has been after the imam since 2001. Another reason why this “war on terror” looks more and more like a war on Islam or as Abu Eesa says a “War Against Truth.”

In the early hours of October 17, a Yemeni secret police raid swept up eight foreigners living in Sana’a, under surveillance by the CIA and British intelligence, and at least 12 other men across Yemen. Yemeni authorities insist they dismantled an al-Qa’ida cell and disrupted a gun-running ring to neighbouring Somalia.

It was subsequently reported that the key to the raids was Anwar Al Awlaki (identified in the media as ‘Abu Atiq’) who was arrested six weeks before the October 17 swoop. Media reports allege that ‘Abu Atiq’ was an associate of two of the September 11 hijackers and a protege of Abdul al-Majid al-Zindani, who the US wants arrested on terror charges. They also make mention of his alleged role in a foiled al-Qa’ida plot to bomb oil and gas facilities in Yemen.

He is believed to be held in Central Security Prison in Sana’a. Locals in Sanaa insist, perhaps apocryphally, that the two stories of the complex above ground sit atop eight stories underground, where torture rooms and darkened cells are often used. Whether or not people are tortured there, Western officials and aid groups are adamant that torture is regularly used in Yemen on terror suspects, or political prisoners.

Take Action for Imam Anwar Al Awlaki

Write to the US authorities:

  • Demand that the state department fulfils their statutory duties and provide consular assistance and clarify where Anwar Al Awlaki is held
  • Demand an end to incommunicado and secret detention; detainees should be held only in officially recognized places of detention with access to family, lawyers and courts;
  • Call for human rights laws and standards to be strictly adhered to in cooperation between US security forces and those of other countries, ensuring that torture and ill-treatment, incommunicado detentions and “disappearance” play no part in such cooperation;
  • Ensure his rights as a US national are being protected and that his detention is free from torture or ill-treatment

The Honorable Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20520
Tel: + 1 202 647 4000
Fax: + 1 202 261 8577
Write to the Yemeni authorities:

  • Appeal for the immediate release of Anwar Al Awlaki unless he is to be promptly charged with a recognizable criminal offence and given a fair trial without further delay in accordance with international fair trial standards
  • Call on the authorities to respect the rule of law
  • Remind the authorities of their obligations under both national and international human rights law and allow Anwar Al Awlaki access to legal counsel, his family and the opportunity to challenge the legality of his detention

His Excellency General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh
Office of The President
Republic of Yemen
Faxes: 009671274147

His Excellency Rashid Muhammad al-‘Alimi
Office of the Republic of Yemen Ministry of the Interior
Republic of Yemen
Telephone: 009671332701
Fax: 009671274147

Write to Islamic organisations:

  • Encourage all Islamic organisations in the US to campaign for the release of Imam Anwar al-Awlaki.
  • Further encourage the these societies in the US to promote the right to a fair trial and the rule of law.

Islamic Society of North America
PO Box 38
IN 46168
Telephone: 0013178398157
Fax: 0013178391840

Council on American-Islamic Relations
453 New Jersey Avenue ,
S.E. Washington
DC 20003
Telephone: 0012024888787
Fax: 0012024880833

Video: Anwar al-Awlaki on Ramadan.


  1. He was not actually banned from the US as he is an American citizen but law enforcement authorities were harassing him so much so that it was expected that they would try to arrest and try him on some trumped up charges in connection to 9/11 since some of the 9/11 hijackers are alleged to have attended prayers at Imam Anwar’s former masjid.

  2. InshAllah he will obtain Jannah for his struggles. JazakomAllahkhair for the contact information, we must do all we can. Imagine he was your own brother, your OWN brother, well, he IS.

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    We have not heard any news of Imam Anwar’s release so he has been detained since August 31, 2006.

    Imam Anwar’s lectures have touched so many people and impacted them in a positive way, may Allah accept it from him and release him from these tribulations.

  4. I have listened to many of Imam Anwar’s lectures and have gained so much valuable knowledge from them. I am sure many people have benefited from his talks. The least we can do is remember him and his family in our prayers and ask Allah Taa’ala to reward our brother Anwar for his work,to keep him and his family patient during this trial and to elevate them to a high rank in Jannah-Al Firdous. Ameen

  5. Asalamu alaykum,

    The Muslim Ummah must unite from all corners of this world and stand up against the oppression of the West and
    their Masonic laws. No matter what sort of weapons the kuffar have….it’s nothing and it won’t save them from
    Allah(SWTs) wrath for their actions. Imam Anwar’s struggle is seen by our Almighty Allah (SWT) Insha Allah, may he be protected while in captivity and gain Jannah…….ameen

  6. May Allah make it easy on Imam Anwar Awlaki and give him strength and sabr and may Allah destroy those who are holding him and denying him his freedom.

  7. May Allah Taa’ala grant him jannat al firdous and the muslim ummah a leadership to fight these injustices and crimes against our brothers and sisters

  8. Fainama al usray usra. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief. Sura 94. My sincere Duas are with the dear Imam. I have certainly gained from your teachings my brother. May Allah grant you Junnat al Firdous, and may we meet you there. Allah, please strengthen the Ummah.

  9. His audio cassettes were very much useful to me to learn more on Islam. I am really grateful to him for this wonderful work.

    Anybody knows the current status?

  10. Asalam Alikom,
    I am just a 17 year old but i just recently figured out about the cruel treatment that our brother is being faced with. Me and my friends listen to his tapes daily and are completely occupied in mind with his status. Is he released yet and is there any word on him? He is our teacher and he has taught us so much. May Allah bless him. What can we do that would actually prove to be beneficial to him?

  11. Asalam Alikum,

    Iman Anwar has been a source of light (Guidance) from Allah (swt) to be. Alhumdulilah I have learned so much throught the audio lectures by iman anwar, he has been a source of inspiration a teacher and a Guide from Allah (SWT) to me. Inshallah Allah(SWT) will grant him victory throught this hard time of tribulation and Make him among the inheritors of Al-Firdous..ameen

    Please if anyone finds out any news about his arrestment inform us, Inshallah may Allah(swt) accept all of our Duas and make us among the believers with Sabr.ameen

    Rabbana Atina Fid-Dunya Hasanatan Wa Fil Akhirati Hasanatan Waqina Adhaban-Nar

  12. All praise be to Allah Who makes way for His sincere slaves. We owe the Imaam and all other Muslims our prayer. May Allah honour him in this world and in the hereafter and exonerate him from these charges.

  13. asalamu alaikum,

    thanks for the information.i really,really love anwar and abdulwahab you are right he is our own brother he is a good muslim and may the curse of allah be on the kuffar who torture him may allah give him patience and protection for he is one of his awliya. i started listening to his tapes since i was 13, i am 15 now.

    rabana atina fi dunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa qina athaban-nar.ameeen

  14. May Allah reward Sheikh Anwar and protect him as He protects His righteous slaves, ameen.

    His lives of the Prophets series was really amazing, masha’Allah.

    For now, I think if we really want to support the Sheikh Anwar, we’ll not only write letters and support his cause – but continue to listen, benefit, and teach the lessons derived from his many lectures. Allah is al-Muhaymin – He will continue to reward the Shaykh for his good deeds. We should continue to listen and open our hearts to his lessons.

    This is sadaqah jariyyah. No force, Allah excepting, can ever take that away.

  15. Salaam Alaikum!

    May Allah (SWT) be pleased with our brother Anwar Al Awlaki – and may his worldly suffereing wash away his sins 😀 Brother Anwar Al Awlaki has touched many peoples hearts with his wonderful series of lectures! This is just a test from Allah (SWT) to him, so I guess you could say it’s a blessing! 🙂 Listen to his lectures cuz it’ll add to his Hasanat! 😀

    Now, I’m not sure about this but I heard he was freed…Am i wrong?

    May Allah be pleased with and guide us all!!
    Wasalaam! 🙂

  16. Asalaamu Alaykum. Inshallah its tru Maysun i heard it too. There are few ppl whom i love more than Imam Anwar including sum of my own famly members walahi i kno he is dear to many of you also because of the vast knowledge he has spread and in the way he spread it. I would advice us to practice wat our teacher taught since thats wat his enemies hate about him and apart from writing to his captors (governments & departments) and those conspiring against him why not ask Allah to release him because too often we say “at least make du’a” but walahi making du’a is much more effective since were asking Allah for help instead of His (swt) enemies so save du’a not jus for last but make it first aswell inshallah. Allah bless all those concerned with our sheikh and may Allah do with him as He (swt) sees best and that which will raise his rank in jannah the most. amin. Salaam

  17. Edited
    Asalam Alikum,

    The beautiful thing about Imam Anwar al-Awlaki is alhumdulilah almost everything I know I learned from his lectures. After listening to the “LIVES OF THE PROPHETS” by the imam, I realized that Prophet Yusuf (as) went through the same trial when he was prisoned in Egypt by the kuffar and Allah (swt) kept him there until he made dua to Allah (swt) and not ask the head leaders to release him. At the beginning of Surah Yusuf Allah (swt) commands Rasululah (saw) to narrate these stories to mankind so they may contemplate/reflect. So the lesson in Surah Yusuf was that we shouldn’t ask help from people but to turn to Allah (swt) for help because it is to Allah (swt) our destiny leads. So let’s put our “trust in Allah (swt)” and make dua.

    May Allah(swt)make us ONE UMMA again that stands together through thick and thin, inshallah. ameen
    Asalamualikum w/r w/b

  18. Asalamu alaykum,

    My point and that of CagePrisoners from which the list was derived is not to say that the power is in the hands of the people for without question all power belongs to Allah azza wa jall rather after dua we intend to exhaust all methods at our disposal to free all of those unjust detained.

  19. may allah ,almighty take anwar to jannah and make him a shaheed,for this man was like a teacher to me and never give up hope for allah is with al-sabiroon, the pateint.May allah forgive him.ammeen

  20. may allah azawajal protect our brother and relieve him from any harm. my dua’s are always with my brother and may the almighty make your taqwa and iman srtonger inshallah see you in janaaa inshallah

  21. Asalamu Alaykum

    My muslim brothers and sisters to my happiness i was told by sister who are linked to yemen that brother Anwar has been released ALHAMDULLIAH

  22. Asalaamu alaaykum Kulu ahlu Muslimiin.

    I wahbi was born a Muslim but became a true Muslim through his tapes, may Allah make him free from Jahaaliin.

    On one of his CD’s – Makkan Period: When Bilal was being tortured, Bilal kept saying Ahadun, Ahad. When Bilal was asked why he used that slogan he said, “the more I said it, the angrier they became, and the stronger I felt.

    Brother Anwar al-Awlaki knows that alkufaar can not damage him. Truth will prevail.

  23. Assalaamu alaykum w/r w/b.
    May Allah take our brother Anwar al-Awlaki to His protection and give him beautiful petience,Allah is the Suffiicent for all of us and the best of those on whom to depend,ameen.
    Brothers and sisters,if anyone have any news taken from reliable sources about our brother Anwar,PLEASE let me know! jazaakallohu khair.

  24. As salaam wa alaikum

    May Allah protect oand free our brother Imam Anwar Al Awlaki from this Fitnah. My husband and I have learnt so much from the Imam. His lectures are invaluable.

  25. What the american embassy is doing there…… being a us citizen. it is their duty to protect him… Infact it is easy for them to punish him in Yemen than in US….
    May Allah (swt) give him all the strength to endure and bless him in every way……..
    Zahhakallah ….

  26. I have gained so much jus by listening to imam Anwar Al Awlaki, may Allah (swt) grant him sabr..the us goverment are wrong and are jus trying to find someone they can pint tha 9/11 attack on. It is always the most rightoues ppl that suffer the most, may Allah grant all our rightouess n pious brothers n sisters sabr in this world and may he reward them wit jannah Ameen

    Baraka Allahu fik imam Anwar

  27. Just by listening to his talks illustrates what a pious man he his, inshallah Allah will grant him and ISLAM victory. As fellow muslim brothers and sisters we shoud unite and make as much dua for the imam as well as other muslim brothers and sisters who are in similar predicament, and notify as many people as we can of the situation of imam Anwar.

  28. Al Salam Alikum,
    First I’d like to mention some points:
    – Yemeni regime was part of the Al-Qaeda from 1978 until 2001.
    – After 2001 election Yemeni regime decided partialy abandoned the relation with Al-Qaeda due to pressure from the west.
    – From 1997-2001 Yemeni regime exercised all the torture, assasination against any one who calls for democaracy and freedom.
    – Al-Qaeda members worked as intelligent, interagators, and torture.
    – Al Zendani is one member of Al-Qaeda.
    As a result of Al-qaeda breaking human rights through out the past, now they are facing the same, what goes around comes around.
    – Don’t feel sympathy for anyone who has relation with Al-zendani.

  29. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    I have learned many things by listening to his lectures Hereafter, Lives of the Prophets. May Allah help him and reward him. I pray that he will be released soon and will strenghten our Emaan by giving us talks. May Allah give him Jannagul Firdaus and make him a companion of Muhammad (pbuh) in the Jannah. Aameen Aameen

    May Allah give him patience endure all the trials of life.

  30. May Allah SWT bless our Dear brother Anwar Al Awalaki who knows our beautiful deen and has made every effort to propagate the truth with his many beneficial lectures. Lets continue to remember him in our prayers and pray for his release, as we need him to keep educating us on the truth.
    Inshallah as he said in one of his lectures what can any body do the muslims? we are in a win win situation as long as we seek the mercy of Allah swt our final abode is the hereafter. May Allah swt give him patients and reward him heavily for his efforts Ameen.

  31. Selam alaikum wa rahmetullahi wa barekatuh.
    Let us not 4get what are brother teached us in his dars.
    Let us not 4get that ALLAH Azza wa Jall told us to fight, like thay fight us.And olly to fear Him ALLAH s.w.t and only HIM. Let us follow the Sunna of Muhammad s.a.s and stand up for Islam. If we don `t, be wear that the same will happen to us. Be truthful to ALLAH s.w.t and HE will be truthful to you!!!

  32. Bismillahi-rahmaani-rahiim.
    MAY Allah protect you and provide for you oh Anwar Al Awalaki. For surely Allah is the only protector and provider. If the whole nation came to harm you, and Allah did not plan any harm for you, no harm can be inflicted on you. And likewise if the whole nation came to benifit you!
    So Inshaallah my dua’s include for Anwar Al Awalaki and for this ummah.
    May Allah forgive me and you all. Aameen!

  33. wow,lets make more dua’ for him and allah will answer it .insha’allah anwar will go through this test from allah and even if they kill him so what they cannot steal away his iman and may allah give him all the patience he needs.he is atrue mujahid.i have been listening to his tapes since i was 13 years old and i have memorized them.he really is a good khatib.

  34. Asalamualaykum,

    May Allah be with him in this great struggle of his, however i have come to hear that he has been released a few months ago around march,i herd this from a brother that has been released from Guantanamo Bay Prision; but i cant confirm anything. and if he isn’t released yet we will pray for his release, dont under estimate the power of Doa, so inshallah, make doa for him.

  35. Assalamu Aliykum.Today is Jumah.Today is a day ALLAH answer’s Duaa’s.Please make alot for the brother and his family.

  36. “wa may naqamu minhum ila ayyu’minu billahi-l- ‘aziz-l hamid”
    “aladhi lahu mulk samawati wal ardi wallahu ‘ala kulli shayin qadir”
    “ina ladhina fatanu-l- mu’minina wal mu’minati thumma lam ya tubu, falahum ‘adhabu jahannam wallahum ‘adhabal hariqah.”
    “ina ladhina amanu wa amilu saalihati lahum jannah tajri min tahtihal anhar. dhalikal fauzul kabeer” (Q85:8-11)

    “and they had no fault except that they believed in Allah,the all mighty, worth of praise”
    “To whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! and Allah is witness over everything”
    “verily those who put into trial believing men and women,and then do not turn in repentance,then they will have the tor,ment of Hell and they will be made to have the punishment of the burning fire”
    “verily those who believe and do righteous good deeds, for them will be Gardens under which rivers floe.That is the great success”

    This is a warning for whoever is putting the believing men and women to trial. Consequently it is glad tidings for the believing men and women who remain steadfast on their iman.

    May Allah (swt)keep brother Anwar al awlaki steadfast in the face of any hardship he faces. i heard his lecture only once(al akhirah) and i had a rethink about my life.

    insha allah he will be among the muflihun on yaomal qiyamah.(amin) may Allh keep us all steadfast. because truly it is trials that really determine how much of a mu’min we are of if we are even one at all. may Allah give us the eman and sabr to remain steadfast in our deen (amin) Please forgive my lengthy reply.

  37. May Allah(AWJ) give Imam Anwar the strength and the patience he mostly needs in prison. I remember how in Ramadan I used to attend his stories of the Prophet peace be upon them after Al-Taraweeh. And speaking of the prophet peace be upon them, I remember Imam’s Anwar narration of the story Joseph peace be upon him, so I hope that Imam anwar realized that he is with the good company of people like prophet Joseph peace be upon him, who was imprisoned unjustly. Also, many of our Muslim scholars and leaders were imprisoned by the enemies of Allah (AWJ), like Said Khuttub, Ahmad Yassin, Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rantisi. May Allah(AWJ) give his servant Anwar Al-Awlaki the patience and the determination he needs at such tough times.

  38. Assalaamu alaykum
    May ALLAH(SWT) forgive imam Anwar Al Awalaki and reward him with paradise. Never will ALLAH(SWT) waste the deeds of believer.
    what is happening to us today is not something new to islam. Believers before us were afflicted with trials unbearable and brother Anwar Al Awalaki is one among them.
    The Responses to “Anwar al-Awlaki Jailed” shown by many is good… we need to convert our concerns into actions. See, progress is made by those who look for possibilities. We need to try and do whatever is possible only to please ALLAH(SWT) and this is what our brother has done.
    All i can wish is that we see more such people who dare to aspire heaven. May ALLAH(SWT) keep our brother firm against perpetual torture of kuffars.

    Assalaamu alaykum

  39. May ALLAH bless Imam Anwar Al Awlaki, may ALLAH guide the whole Umma to Victory soon! May ALLAH glorify the Umaa and glorify Anwar Al Awlaki! Inna tansoorooLLAHA yansoorkoom (Glorify GOD that HE may Glorify you! ) ALLAH aala kulli shayin qadeer (ALLAH is capable of all things!) Let us pray as oppressed people who have lost a father, ALLAH hears and answers immediately the prayer of the oppressed even if he is a kaffir so imagine if the oppressed is a Muslim!Anwar is like a father to us! Anwar is one of our modern day representant of the Great Prophet Muhammad Salla LLAH aaleyhi wa Salam! It is well known that the true scholars or the inheritors of the Prophets (3aleyhum Salam) may ALLAH deliver Anwar Al Awlaki from torture and grant him bounty in both dounya wa akhira and may HE protect him from the torment of hellfire!rabbana atina fi dunya hasanatan wa fi’l akhirati hasanatan wa qina adhaba nnar.ameeen
    I hope that the rumors I read about him being released are true!
    Salama aleykum wa RahmatuLLAH Taala wa Barakatuhu to all of my brothers and sisters in the Islamic Umma!

  40. Assalaamu alaykum

    May Allah Ta allah, Insha allah Ameen grant the Imaam and the Ummah taqwah and sabr to endure that which the non-believers are going subject us and future generations to. May Allah strengthen our Imaan and unite all muslims worldwide.

    Assalaamu alaykum

  41. Assalam u Alaikum!
    May Allah give the best reward to Imam and that is Jannah… Alhamdulillah I and my wife listen to his lectures daily and get spirtually inspired….

    Assalam u Alaikum…

  42. Assalam u Alaikum

    I was a very bad person doing a lot of sins until i came upon an audio lecture ” The Hereafter ” by Sir, Anwar al-Awlaki. It really touched my heart and made me guilty for the sins which i had done. Now, i am a changed person and trying my best to become a good muslim. I deeply thank him and pray for his comfort.

    Assalam u Alaikum

  43. As salamu Alaikum!

    I have just completed listening of the lecture series of ‘Life of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW)’, ‘Abu Bakr, His life and times’ and ‘Omar Ibn Al Khatttab, His life and times’ by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki. Masha Allah! the way Shaikh Anwar narrates the seera of this three greatest people of our Ummah, seems to me that he was one of the Sahaba of Rasul Allah (SAW) and as if the Imam was there at that time. Imam Anwar take the listeners to the time and period of the actual happening of the incidents. To me only Imam Anwar has the unique capability of narrating the facts in English and Arabic with utmost fluency. May Allah reward his efforts. He is the most powerful and thorough English speaking narrator of seerah of the prophets and other important issues of our times. As always when someone speaks the truth and against the evil, the evil power tries to stop and throttle the voice of the speaker. We have to use all our means and capacity to raise voice against the illegal detention of Imam Anwar Al Awlaki. At least we can pray and make special Dua’a to ALLAH(SWT) to grant the Imam sabr in his trial and tribulation and ask Allah to arrange release the Imam with honour and dignity. May Allah grant him peace and success. This period is also a test for us who love Imam Anwar, so we have to exert our all efforts to free the Imam and back to us.

  44. Salam alekum warahmatullah wabarakatu:

    I have listened to the stories of the Prophets and The Hereafter (more than once) narrated by our Brother Anwar Al Awlaki. NOw I’m listening to the his narration of the life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). I have learned so much from Br. Al Awlaki and have shared this knowledge with my Muslim sisters (converts like myself) at our weekly halaqas. Since learning of his unjust arrest, I have been making duah and have been wondering what has happened to him. I pray that Allah (SWT) has kept him safe and that he gets justice. May Allah grant him alfardous in sha Allah. Thank you to all my Muslim brothers and sisters who have kept him in your prayers and may Allah grant us all jennah in sha Allah!





  46. He is one of the best orators i have ever listened to . I have heard quite a lot of his lectures and very impressed with his skills in speech and the knowledge content. I pray to Allah to grant him Jannah for all what he has done for his Ummah and give him and his family patience to bear what is going on for him.
    May Allah be pleased with him.

  47. Brother Anwer is a guide for us all, a true scholar that does not hold back, says it as it is and his detainment has proved that he is on the right path and may Allah strengthen him and support him in his time of need. Tears runs down my face when I think of him, his lectures clearly demonstrated how we should help the Muslims who are in need, and today he is in the same predicament that he talked about. I pray to Allah bless him, to help him and to allows us to do what ever we can to support him, protect him and ensure the safeguard his early release. If anyone knows how or what we can do please let us know. I am keen to put my material and physical support to help him.

  48. In one of his lecture series about HEREAFTER, Imam Anwar Al Awlaki said, what they will do with me. If they put me in jail, Allah will bless me with lot of time to read and write and plenty of time for thikr of ALLAH SWT, If they torture me, Allah will test me and put me on trial for sabr and I can ask for ALLAH’s help and justice. ALLAH will wipe out all my sins and clean me to award me to live with HIS beloved people in Zannah. And if they kill me, I will get the greatest reward from ALLAH, the Shahada. In any of the situation, I will be the gainer and they will be among the losers in the day of judgement. May Allah SWT help the scholar Brother Anwar. In this critical hour of our Ummah we need him more than ever to help guide the English speaking learners in the west. Please let me know how I can render any help in my capacity. We ask ALLAH to excute his plan to release him from the evil power and bring back to us.

  49. Assalamu Aleykum Wa rahmatullah!
    Truly, Imam Anwar al Awlaki is a great teacher. I have listened to his series of lectures. They are very touching and inspiring. I was wondering if anyone has the transcript of “The Hereafter” lecture series?
    As for Imam’s arrest, verily the ones who arrested him are oppressors. May Allah azza wa jalla help Imam and mke him one of the as-sabiroon. Ameen. May Allah reward him and give him the good of this life and the hereafter. Ameen.

  50. Alssalamu Alaykum waRahmatul-laahi waBarakatuh:

    To all Muslims in the world, I would like to say that the arrest of my brother Imaam Anwar is (Thulm-oppression). We all need to stand by him and other Muslims all over the world.

    Imaam Anwar is a (Waleyy) of Awleyaa’a Allah.May Allah wage war on all whom trying to assassinate the truth. Imaam Anwar is a peaceful man. If it was not for Allah and Imaam’s lectures, my kids and I will not be in good standing and great Iman. I raised 6 Muslim teenagers on my own in America, Brother Anwar has been my mentor, helper and my inspiration in raising my kids as a single mother.

    Lakal-Laahu yaa akhee Anwar. My kids and I will pray to Allah to release you from the hands of your oppressors. Allahumma Aameen.

  51. Absolutely adore Brother Anwar Al Awlaki. He is a great teacher, guide and inspiration and we totally support him and pray for his release, peace and success in duniya & aakhirah. May Allah have mercy on him, us and the entire Muslim ummah.

  52. ina lilah wa inaa ilayhi rajiun,…………….. I can’t describe how much it hurts me this tragic news about our brother, our hero imam anwar al-awlaki. am sure in the grace of allah {s.w.t} he has changed so many lives including me. In the way he gives every step in details… masha allah. may allah {swt} have mercy, forgiveness and reward for you. our hero.. please our muslim brothers and sisters lets make a dua for our hero. jazakumullah qeyran.

  53. Asalamu aleeykum, he is my teacher who I haven’t seen and inshaALLAH we will see each other. please let us make dua for him

  54. Asalaam Alaikum! May ALLAH s.w.a make it easy on Imam ANWAR and his family. he absolutely changed my life by the will and shear mercy of ALLAH s.w.a he is most definately blessed his lectures are full of imaan boosting power by ALLAHs grace let us all pray my brothers and sisters that ALLAH brings back to us our Imam so he may carry on with his great work for ISLAM may ALLAH s.w.a reward him immensely in this world and the hereafter AAAAMMMEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

  55. may Allah swa give him and his family the patience to put up with these unjustice crimes and may Allah grant him his freedom to continue his dua….may allah also unite the muslim ummah against these infidel who unite against Allah and the religion of Islam….amin

  56. Asalamu Alaikum

    Our neighbor just gave us the lectures of the Prophets by Imam Anwar and we learned so much about our deen through the tapes and we are very saddened to hear that the brother has been unjustly jailed as so many other brothers and sisters have been….we ask Allah SWT to guide those who are blindly following the shaytan and are heedless about the Judgment Day when they will be reckoned with by their/our Creator for the cruelty and injustice they are committing here on our Earth. They may think that this life is theirs forever but it is Allah who gives and takes away life…We should be grateful for this chance we have and do as much good as we can on Earth and Glorify our Lord and Creator, who has given us so much even if we do not deserve. Allah is Great he provides for all, even those who are lowly with base animalistic behavior of killing innocent and helpless people…Allah gives us so much but He has a record of all that we are doing on this Earth….so let not the unbelievers think that they will not be questioned about all that they have done, are doing or will do……May Allah help out Brother Anwar and all those that are unjustly held everywhere on this Earth….remember we are floating on this Earth but for a short while so do the best you can for yourself and others and do not wrong anyone…We pray to Allah Ta’Alla to help and guide us all to the truth and forgive our sins and give us Hasanat fi Dunya wa fil Aaqira, Amiin, Amiin.

  57. Inna Lilahi wa ilahi Raji’oon. What a trial for all the Ummah. I have not come across one Muslim in the US who has heard Imam Awlaki’s lectures, except that he loved him. May Allah hasten his release. May Allah reward him with Janaah, and Allah the King, is Al-Ghanee. All of these responses from Muslims showing an outpouring of love are a testament that Allah loves him, as mentioned in a Hadith Qudsi. So this trial cannot be anything but what elevates his status, InshAllah. But our hearts are saddened by this news, and it feels like a relative has been put in jail unjustly. I suggest Muslims to do a Nafil prayer and made dua for him in sujood and Allah is the one who answers duas. May Allah will keep him and his family steadfast and keep Imam Awlaki safe from the snares of the Taghoot and their allies.

  58. Salamu Aleykum
    Sa’ad bin Abee Waqqaas said

    : I said, “O Messenger of Allaah, who are the most afflicted of all people? He replied saws, “The Prophets, then the righteous people, then those who are nearest to them in perfection and those who are nearest to them. Man is tested according to his religiosity; if he is strong religiously, his test is increased and if he is weak in religion, his test is reduced And a believer will be tested until he walks on the earth sinless [i.e. his sins have been erased by series of afflictions that he endured.]” (Al-Bukhari)
    May Allah make it easy for him and his family

  59. Assalam O Alaikum

    I hope & pray that all the ugly things says about Imam Amwalki, is not right that’s why he is in jail, & only Allah knows best. The Islamic knowledge that this sheikh has been blessed with from Allah Az Wa Jall, is out of this world. We are all going to be held accountable for our deeds in the duniya & everyday of the believers life in this world is a test from Allah. May Almighty Allah, make this brother’s life easier for him & get him out of this nightmare he is going through at this time. Ameen.

  60. bismillahi rebelalemin! First I pray to Allah to make everything easy to our brother and teacher Sh.Anwar and may Allah bless him with paradise. And to those who are holding him may Allah make their life full of misery, please Muslims in Yemen do something because it is an Islamic country and he one of the best citizens in Yemen and in the whole world. May Allah be with him.

  61. Asalaam Alaikum!

    By listening his lectures about Hereafter, it absolutely changed my life and my Emman towords on the right path. May ALLAH s.w.a bless him & his family always and reward him here & hereafter.

    At this movement, let us all pray with ALMIGHTY ALLAH for his release & back to us without anyfurther delay. So that, he could carry on with his great job for ISLAM by giving us more islamic lectures.

    PRAY FOR HIM ………..

  62. assalamualaykum! may allah hasten the release of our belove imam,everyone of us who came across his lectures have been touched and inspired,thus we love him like our own true blood,as he indeed our real brother.what happen to him has affect us all,hence we should do our outmost effort to help him.lets make dua for him..his lectures are so inspiring and motivating,which many of us were changed and becoming closer to allah,he led us to the path of allah,which is the greatest blessing anyone can ever have,thus,we thank allah for blessing us with a great teacher like our dear imam which so many people thier hearts and mind have been opened by his lectures,thus,i bought few of the sets of his hereafter cds and inshallah i’ve plan to buy more,with the lives of the prophets as well and his other cds.inshallah may allah grant me the means,i would like to distribute it to the people as a form of dah’ our belove imam tought us,to spread the message of islam any means possible..may allah protect him from the enemy of allah,and reward him the highest heaven jannatul ferdaus.and the ummah as well

  63. salaam to all.

    I was born in the states, and traveled the World. I meet a lot of people, and seen a lots of things. But i have never came across a man/brother/teacher more effective then Imam Awnar alawlaki. This great person has totally changed my life. I will pray for his release, as everyone who listened to his speeches should. May Allah be with him, and may Allah be pleased with him.
    I believe he is the most influential person the world has seen since the turn of the century. I am sure he has changed many peoples life around, and InshaAllah his work will continue to change many more.
    So lets do our part now, teach what we have learned and spread the lessons around. and inshaAllah we all will be rewarded. And may the greatest reward go to those who taught us. AMEN

  64. Assalamu Alaikum
    Subhanallah, i can not begin to tell yous how much i love this man, i can not go to work without listening to his lectures, the amount of knowledge i’ve gained through him is priceless this is why i consider him my teacher even though ive never seen him. Looking at his situation i cant help feel the goodness he is going through and the sadness at the same time. Many of our great scholars were jailed and tortured Taymiyah, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and so on. I pray to Allah SWA to purify him and open all the gates of Jannah for him and may Allah make him steadfast and grant him patience through his trials and tribulations.
    Asalamu alaulim warahmatullah wabarakatuhu

  65. Assalamu Alaykum, May Allaah azza wa Jall speed up his release, May Allaah azza wa jall release all the brothers who are unjustly imprisoned. May Allaah azza wa jall protect them all from the persecution of the tyrants Imam Awlaki’s lectures strenghten my eemaan, May Allaah reward him, I listened to his lectures even @ work i am sure every mo’min who would listened to his naseehah would fall in love with him for Allaah’s sake. His frankness and his boldness to speak the truth caused him to get this result. Throughout the Islamic history all the righteous imaams are imprisoned like Imam Ahmad, Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Ibn AL Qayyim. MAy Allaah admit him to paradise and all the believers. aameen!

  66. Assalamu Alaykum, Imam Anwar Awlaki’s detention are both good and bad. It is good because it elevate his status in Islam,Made him a way to jannah, INSHA ALLAAH, it is bad because i fear the tyrants might persecute and torture him. But May Allaah grant him karaamah not to feel the pains of the persecution. The Tyrants thinks by imprisoning this righteous imaam they humiliate him or put an end to his da’wah, to Islam, nay! they are in grave error, they just raise his status And his da’wah are circulating around the world strenghtening the eemaan of every muslim. wether they like it or not Islam will enter every house of the four corners of the world. This righteous Imaam is only one soldier among the soldiers of ALLAAH and nobody knows the soldiers of ALLAHU TAALA except ALLAAHU TAALA, Himself. They plot and ALLAAH plan,HE is the best of planners. MAY ALLAAH grant sabr to Imam AWlaki and his family. Imam Awlaki’s right upon us is for us to supplicate to ALLAAH for his welfare, his release, his freedom. Oh Allaah grant him patient and make his feet firm and help him from the oppression of the tyrants Oh! ALLAAH, speed up his release and freedom. Assalamu Alaykum

  67. Dear Brothers and sisters in Islam,

    We Muslim strongly believe in Allah and every thing comes from Allah and we say Alhamdulillahi aala quli hal. Insha Allah, as one of our brother said, this will certainly elevate his status in Islam.

    However, we all must pray, The Almighty Allah for his wellbeing and earlier release.

    May Allah reward him here and hereafter.

    Brother in Islam

    Mohamed Zulfikar.

  68. Assalamualikum wRwB

    If khilafah Rashidun is to be established, and nominates Khalif, I would chose him…Ummah needs him very badly!

    No matter how many ppl like him can they arrest, the establishment of khilafah Rashidun and a leader like him is unstoppable and inevitable!!!!

    May Allah help him, us and the whole ummah and bring us our glory back. Ameen

    Fee Aman Allah

    Brother Sayed Saleh

  69. salam alaykum wa rahmat allah,
    our BROTHER ANWAR ALAWLAKI helped to draw me closer to Allah and learn about my religion. i make a habbit of listening to his lectures everyday as they instill peace and iman in my heart with the truth. he is one sabab behind my families zikr of Allah. may all of the brothers and sisters who know of him remember them in the same way everyday in their prayers and daily lives. may allah free this innocent man from his oppression. salam

  70. may allah give him the courage and strength to deal with all this…i hope he gets out of this mess soon….personally i do not believe he was involved in any of the which he was accused of and i do belive many others too have the same opinion….

  71. Assalamu Alaikum

    All glory and praise is due to Allah SWT,The Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer of this world and the Hereafter. It is heart breaking to see what the muslim governments allow the kuffar to do to our knowledgeable brothers and sisters in Islam. The way how the western media portrays Islam is so unjust it sickens me, but then I reflect upon what they are trying to accomplish and realise they will never succeed if only by Allah’s SWT leave and thier “victory” will only be for a limited time in dunya, but in the Hereafter there will be nothing but Allah SWT’s wrath upon them.

    My duas are with the dear Imam and his family. In one of his lectures he speaks about Al Mahdi. Imam Anwar said that Al Mahdi can do you nothing if you are not prepared for him.

    May Allah SWT make us steadfast in our Deen,this beautifull Deen of Islam and make us conscience of the fact that the All Mighty is forever with us.

    “Af shush salaam = Spread peace among you”

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Raghmatullahi Wa Barakatu.

  72. aslamualaikum wa rahmatullah,
    I love Imam Anwar al Awlaki very much. May Allah, the most merciful grant him peace and happiness. May Allah elevate his position in Islam and grant him a position in Jannah.

    I feel very much sad to see Muslims acting against Muslims. Infact these are not Muslims.

    The people who make the friends of Allah, as their enemies, indeed Allah will inflict them with punishment and humiliation.

    I pray to Allah to ease the pain and suffering of my dear brother, Anwar Al Awlaki. I love you my dear brother. Your suffering is my suffering. I love you and I miss you.


  73. salam alaykum, there has been a rumor going around which i pray is true that our brother Anwar has been released…please update us on his latest situation salam sofie

  74. Assalamualaikum Wrecmutullahi Wrebarracahtu….

    Alhamdullilah…May Allah (SWT) look after Imam Anwar Alawki, and be pleased with him, and grant him Jannah Fidous…Ameeen…

    Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we have to do something…This site is a start but i just found out he was arrested the other day…Lets all get involved to free him how ever we can inshaAllah… May Allah (SWT) strengthen this ummah Ameeeen…

    May Allah also shower him with patience…Ameeen…

  75. As lamualya kum. i was not a beliver until allah guided my soul and gave me the ability to leave anyone who wasn’t willing to come with me to the straight path, behind.

    Even though i left my family(my allah help them) i found a family willing to take me in. i thanked allah for his mercy and prayed to him to reward this family for treating me as one of their own. It was then that i heard the Anwar al Awlaki lecture ‘life of umar…’

    i immediately fell in love with this. When i found out this man was being imprisoned i tryed all i could, i went with the risk of going to the states , but i couldn’t.

    please my fellow brothers and sisters help my brother, our brother in need!

  76. Assalaamualaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    I have never experienced such intellectualism and eloquent speech in islamic lectures. The Sheikh’s vivid discriptions of the Lives of the Prophets and Hereafter series amongst others are truly amazing. May Allah azawajul give him patience in this test and elevate him to the highest level in Jannah Inshallah. May Allah(swt) grant all true muslims the same inshallah. May Allah(swt) in his infinite mercy grant the sheikh freedom. As Imam Anwar has said many times, without the mercy of Allah(swt) no-one will enter Jannah. O Allah(swt), have mercy on this servant of yours. Aameen.

  77. Assalamalaikum brothers and sisters,

    i really don know wat we muslims are upto?? our brother is in trouble and we are doing nuthing to help him. imam anwar is an asset to our generation. i have gained a lot of valuable knowledge by listening to his lectures. May Allah bless him for this inshallah. and may Allah rellieve him of this calamity. aameen. let us all pray for him inshallah. i do hope he is released soon. does anyone know the current status???
    O Allh have mercy on imam anwar and guide us all, aameen

  78. As saalah mualikum May Allah have mercy on his soul, May Allah grant him jannah and give him strength to overcome this great test. May Allah have mercy on all of our souls this is a true scholar of Islam.
    Inshallah he is freed soon. we including myself need to do more.

  79. May Allah grant him Jannah , really need to wake up because some people are sleeping , most Muslims are sleeping, they don’t know, and don’t want to know what is happening in today’s world. May Allah guide us all,

  80. Alhamdulillah!!!

    His wife just sent a message to the sisters there informing them of the good news.

    Alhamdulillahi Rabb Al-Aalameen. May Allah have made it a purification for him and enable him to return to spreading the Deen.

    Spread the good news, may Allah bless you all for your ‘adiyyah and support. And may Allah hasten the release of all the other brothers and sisters in captivity Allahumma Amine.

  81. Alhamdulilah, May Allah bless him and his family.

    …and a belated Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim Brothers and Sisters across the world 🙂

    Assalam Alaikum

  82. Alhamdulillah.

    All brothers and sisters in islam – Please perform two rakaats of nawaafil in regards to release of the Imam and make duaah for the entire Ummah.

    Let us not forget to make duaa for all the brothers and sisters in Islam for Hidaayah and adhere to Islam completely.

  83. Alhamdulilah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya Allah! Allah answered our DUA’AA. Imam anwar is out in the real world! May Allah protect the rest of our brothers and sisters who are still in detention.

  84. allah huakbar what a great news! allah anwsered our dua”s and prayers,our beloved imam has been freed allah huakbar! what a great news! our beloved imam may you continue your noble works for the ummah,as indeed many people have been inspired,thier lives have been changed and got closer to allah, through your noble efforts,thus our beloved imam,we are asking you to continue,your godly works for allahs sake,we are here for you,in difficult times and in good times,allah will never forsake you,and we, your brothers and sisters would never stop supporting you..our ummah is badly inneed of you! you are our inspirations! may allah protect this great nation,from humilliations and despair in this world and in the next..

  85. Salaams,

    Alhamdulillah, all praise for Allah on release of our belowed imam.

    can any one help me to get in touch with imam anwar al awlaki via email or phone?

    Admin –

  86. Allahuma nahmidak wa nashkurak!!!!!!!!! Thank Allah for the release of Anwar Alawlaki. Imam Alawlaki has been a big inspiration to this ummah, and I wish all the Imams/Sheikhs/Scholars were all like him, we would be one ummah again if they were. May Allah grant us back with the khilafah again, Inshallah. Alsallam Alaikum

  87. alhumdulillah its great to know that imam anwar is free. Allah is Truly the Greatest. Id like to share this with everyone here, i had gone on a drive to Alain which is a hilly area in the UAE. on my way i was transcribing imam anwars cd on the seerah of rasool Allah saws. as i finished the cd it was time for the isha prayer and i went in the mosque to offer my salah. n tats wen i prayed for imam anwar in sujood. and hamdulillah next morning i got the news tat he has been freed. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. this indeed was a miracle n i thank Allah SWT tat He answered my prayer hamdulillah.
    may Allah reward imam anwar for all tat he went thru.
    may Allah guide us all, aameen.

  88. Alhamdoulillah. Truly Allah Is The Greatest and Is The Only One to Praise. Thank Allah for his release because he was only released because of Allah and no-one else. WAllah this Imam is an Imam of Haqq which I try inchAllah to follow on. His knowledge is a pure gold mine and he explains so well the use of simple words. I cant get enough of his douroussse

  89. Asalamoalikum,
    Does anyone know who is reciting the quran in the mp3 lectures “the life of Prophet Muhammad — Medinan Period”?

  90. Assalamualaikum

    Alhamdulillah its a great feeling to hear that Imam Anwar is freed. Inshallah we will be able to learn more from this scholar of Islam.

  91. Assalamu Alaykum. Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulillah! our supplications for Imam Awlaki release is granted. We should pray nawafil to Thank Allah for this great blessing. I can feel that we all love and admire him to a great deal. this is a good sign for him. Imam anwar Awlaki’s lectures captivate our hearts because he speak from heart to hearts, I am so thirsty to hear from him soon and InSha Allah it would be more effective Insha Allah. So let us again pray to Allah for those muslims who are still behind the bars. May Allah grant them all freedom soon.

  92. Assalamu Alaykum Waleed, I think the reciter of the Qur an in medinan period (on the first Cd, reciting surah AlFatihah) is sheikh Saad Al Ghamidi. If you like you can download from seach Assalamu Alaykum.

  93. Aasalaam Alaiykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu…

    My name is Asif from UK and i only heard recently our bazrugh had been released from prison. All the time Imam Anwar was in prison i wished there was something we could do. The best news ive had in a long time is the release of Imam Anwar.He is my brother, my elder alhamdulillah i have learned so much and am able to pass on this knowledge. The love in this mans voice is genuine and may Allah swt reward him for all the work and effort he has put into others. I look forward to more lectures.
    Make no mistake there is no one greater than Allah, We all including Imam Anwar are only provisions to the Ummah…


  94. salam brother anwar your are one of my favorite imams i always listen to your cd’s that you made. may allah protect you and guide all of us….. insallah

  95. This is very sad. I admire Imam Anwar a lot. They always try to take down the best among us. May Allah grant him mercy and steadfastness. May he come out of this trial and tribulation victorous in the name of Allah.

  96. I will take that back since I didn’t read the rest of the comments before writing. I just happend to read the ones on top. But I still pray for my brother Imam Anwar as he has been a great influence in my life as well. May Allah grant him mercy and keep him in his Daua. May Allah the almighty accept his struggle and make us all benefit from his lectures.Amiiine

  97. assalamu alaikum brothers and sisteres in Islam.
    I need Mr Awlaki’s phone number or email adress.

    Help me find out please.
    Asslamu alaikum.

  98. Asalamu ALAYKUM, Shaykh Anwar is my favourite Shaykh and if your’ll have any new lectures or articles could you please send it to my e-mail. Jzklh.

  99. Aslamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi,

    I listen to his recordings every day in my car and I enjoy his stories of the prophets, and I am horrified to see a man of Allah, An Imam, has been detained. I am very happy to see contact information to try to free that man.


    Sr. Amani

    1. imam anwar is my imam and teacher because i have learnt a lot from him. may Allah bless him and help him out of this situation. Ameen

  100. Assalamu Aleykum Wa rahmatullah!
    Brothers and Sisters I have never experienced such intellectualism and eloquent speech in islamic lectures.To me only Imam Anwar has the unique capability of narrating the facts in English and Arabic with utmost fluency. May Allah reward his efforts. He is the most powerful and thorough English speaking narrator of seerah of the prophets and other important issues of our times.
    alhumdulillah its great to know that imam anwar is free. Allah is Truly the Greatest. He is our teacher and he has taught us so much. Brothers and Sisters We should continue to listen and open our hearts to his lessons. May Allah bless him>>May Allah bless him>> May Allah bless him>>what can we do that would actually prove to be beneficial to him?

    Rabbana Atina Fid-Dunya Hasanatan Wa Fil Akhirati Hasanatan Waqina Adhaban-Nar


  101. Masha Allah imam anwar is released. i really love him for the sake of Allah..he reminds me of the hereafterand i learned so many things from him..may allah grant him with Ajar..he the leader of the youth…walahi i dont really know what else to say when it comes to him..everybody understand his lectures but please lets teach our families,friends and kids…he got so much knowledge..please visit and listen to his whole lectures…

  102. He needs to be jailed and stay jailed he is khariji which means he calls to over throwing muslim govt’s and terroristic acts..on innocent civilians and praises people who commit violence and terroristic acts if you had any sense and didnt want any problems in this then post the many scholars who have refuted anwar awlaki and his terroristic dawah

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