“Muslim Apple” on Terrorism Resources?

UPDATE: I deleted that nonsense about my blog being Masaud Khan’s personal website.

It has always fascinated me how people find my blog and so a few days ago as I was scanning the list of link referrals to my blog I noticed one link from the wikipedia-esque Terrorism Resources website entry on Masoud Khan in the “homegrown terrorist database” section.

The entry states that: “This dossier was compiled by WM and MJ. The final editing was done by Crystal Ball. Copyright 2008 TerrorismResources.Org”

I don’t know who WM, MJ, or Crystal Ball are but their entry is skewed and inaccurate. It seems that they make up for their lack of information by making it up as they go along. My blog Muslim Apple is listed as the personal website of Masaud Khan simply because I posted two statements by him and one from his family. The statement he read at the original sentencing hearing, and later, a letter he wrote from prison, and an update from his family on the status of his case.

I thought about creating an account on that site so I could login and try to update and correct the misinformation but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Masaud Khan was sentenced to life plus 65 years and then had the sentence reduced by twenty years to life plus 45 years.

Please remember those caught up in this unjust war on individuals and their families in your prayers.


  1. Ridiculous. I remember the same thing happened with two other bloggers I knew.

    Please remember those caught up in this unjust war on individuals and their families in your prayers.

    May Allah subhanna wa ta’la give them sabr. Ameen.

  2. Ameen.

    The strange thing is that I am not entirely sure how to respond to this particular bit of misinformation. I’ll try to correct it later today in sha Allah.

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