Right of Way

The post “I’m Buying a Radar” by Shabina on Moz Boondoggle re-awakened some thoughts that have been lingering around in my mind and usually bubble up to the surface while I am driving in my car.

No Turn on Red
MuslimApple is driving in the city and wants to make a right turn but the light is red and there is a No Turn on Red sign posted. OK, no problem, I can wait for the green light. Light changes to green, alhamdulillah, I think I can proceed to make my turn. Right?

Wrong. The pedestrian walk signal is indicating that this is the most opportune time for people on foot or in wheelchairs to use the crosswalk. OK, no problem, I can wait.

Unfortunately, this is not a signal with a countdown of time remaining until the red light returns so as the pedestrian signal begins flashing the “Don’t Walk” symbol I feel nervous.

Am I going to make the light or not? Should I inch ever so slightly forward into the crosswalk and hope that the pedestrians pick up their pace so I can turn?

The light is now yellow, so I move determinedly forward and just as the light turns red I complete my turn. Alhamdulillah.

Roll Through

Touching the line of my patience circle are drivers that roll through stop signs without stopping. I mean why can’t you come to a complete stop? It’s dangerous not to stop. Did you consider each possible avenue of oncoming traffic?

Did you see that child crossing the street, the cyclist, the motorized wheelchair, or that police officer who is now writing you a ticket and everyone that follows in addition to rubber-necking is coming to a complete stop and them some in order to compensate for your roll through?

Please stop at stop signs.

Driving Slowly in the Left Lane

The left lane is the fast lane. That means if someone behind you in the leftmost lane is quickly approaching and about to overtake your car, the courteous thing to do is to move over as soon as possible and let them through.

I know this might be a difficult concept to grasp for some people. I know when I first started driving on the highway I stayed in the right lane but as I became more sure of myself I moved left.

And back then I didn’t move over for anyone save the police and emergency response vehicles. I didn’t care how fast you were going or how long the line of cars that were queueing up behind was, I would not budge.

Alhamdulillah, with the blessing of Allah, a bit more driving experience, and what I would like to think is some good akhlaaq and wisdom I now move over if possible for cars that are faster than I am.

Well, for the most anyway because when the traffic is stop and go as it often is on Beltway here in the DC area if someone is approaching quickly behind you there really is no point to move over because everyone is going just as slow at about 5mph.

That being said it is dangerous to drive slowly even if that is defined as the speed limit in the leftmost lane. It frustrates the drivers behind you, makes them want to get around you by any means necessary which is dangerous, and often leads to dangerous maneuvers which endanger not only that particular driver’s life but also the lives of the other drivers.

Please yield to faster-moving traffic.

Didn’t You Know About the Exit?

I can understand sometimes we drive like we are on autopilot especially if we are talking on the celly but if you don’t have a good excuse why wait to the last minute to move across 4 or 6 lanes of traffic to make your exit. Couldn’t you begin the exiting procedure earlier say around the time we past the previous exit.

Now you are pressed and stressed about making your exit. You calmly and self-assuredly cut across lane after lane, cut other drivers off, narrowly avoiding a collision, and then come to an almost complete stop in the lane while waiting for space or for someone to let you in. This causes the drivers behind you to brake suddenly and very heavily and is dangerous.

Alhamdulillah, you made the exit but why do you keep doing those last sec, 1/4 mile left lane changes?

Please Buckle Up

It’s the law and from the sunnah.

I’ve known too many people who have died in car accidents, had too many near-misses myself, and have witnessed some horrific accidents to not wear my seat belt. It is a rule in my car that you must wear a seat belt unless it’s too packed in the backseat.

The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said: Tie your camel and then place your trust in Allah. Wearing a seat belt can help save your life and that is akin to tying your camel. Saying your adkhaar and the dua of mounting a means of transport is the tawwakul.

Drive Safely – A message brought you by MuslimApple.
What is below was taken from actual electronic highway signs in Maryland:

Report Suspicious Activity


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