Masuad Khan’s Statement at Sentencing

Bismillahir- Rahmanir- Raheem

All Praise is to Allah and may the peace and blessings be upon Mohammed, (SAS) and may peace be on the one who follows the guidance

I kindly request Court’s indulgence to give me a chance to completely express myself before my life is sentenced away.

I am an American citizen, born in this country, and will always maintain my innocence of conspiring and intending to bring any harm upon the American people. I have no doubt that I am innocent of the charges brought against me and that surely justice will prevail in good time.

We can find many instances in U.S. history of justice being served in all fairness through laws finding their Source ultimately from divine revelation. We can also find unfortunately examples of injustices replete in U.S. history. Injustices you will find are due to biasness or due to man-made laws created to serve for baser motives, having no-foundation in divine scriptures. One good example from many of these injustices was the selected prosecution of African Americans using segregation laws, and to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who during his incarceration in Birmingham Jail, wrote so eloquently in a letter to his fellow clergymen who rebuked him for the defense he was taking on behalf of true justice:

“How does one determine whether if a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.” To put it in the terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: ‘An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law, any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.'”

In other words what Dr. King was saying or alluding to was in order for there to be true justice and freedom for mankind from oppression in all its various forms and colors, one must live and judge by divine laws that are established for us by our Creator.

It was with this in mind that prophets were sent to free man from being lured to the worship of creation in any shape or form by setting up rivalries with god, either be it in the form of other gods, supposedly deified beings or inanimate objects, or one’s own base desires that lead to vices in the name of freedom, and even by worshipping each other by giving man the authority to formulate laws for which God has sent no such authority.

This is the true essence of Islam from Adam all the way’ down to Mohammed, peace be upon them all in its unadulterated form. It is only with these two aspects that man becomes truly free and just, by giving absolute worship to their creator, and by governing all their affairs with a system provided for them by God. It is only logical that as our creator has fixed for-us laws in the great expanse of the universe running its course in a sublime and systematic way that ensures our well being. He has also provided laws for mankind on earth to govern their lives in a just and balanced way. Islam doesn’t advocate in any way for us to shun the material advancements of this world, but rather encourages us to live this life to the fullest, without ever losing focus of our ultimate goal and achievement, which is eternal life in the Hereafter.

I felt it imperative to try and clarify this viewpoint of Islam, since the government has tried to say that I am following a brand of Islam that is ruthless, demonic, and which tries to force its will upon others. There can be nothing further from the truth. I as a Muslim want nothing more than to bring about awareness and change from those who continually seek to oppress mankind by taking away their enlightenment in worshipping one God and giving Him full judgment in all their affairs. Sadly, we can see in this country and countries all over the world a conspiracy to drive religion from the lives of people in their courtrooms, schools, and in general. The people behind this great conspiracy seek only to manipulate and control the great masses by leading them blindly to their subservience in order to achieve their evil gains.

Even Muslims today here in America and abroad have fallen victims to this plot. Muslims have become divided amongst each other in enmity only because they have been led astray from the basic foundation of their beliefs that the full worship and judgment belong only to God. There are those who have forced themselves upon the Muslims as their so-called leaders in our local mosques and organizations by setting up a system of manmade bylaws in order to secure their position and agenda over the Muslims. The Muslims need to bring an end to this since it is only through their well-intended charitable resources that such individuals flourish, leading to nothing but dissention and disbelief. The Muslims must bring back truth and justice to their communities by insisting that all worship and judgment belong only to God. And they must maintain this belief in concept, and practice under only one common leader, known for his knowledge and practice, to represent all Muslims. It is only in this way that oppression can be removed from us, and it is only in this way that we will be able to set a good example for others.

I believe that due, to the lack of evidence in this case, it is for these beliefs that I have been found guilty in a preemptive way. This case is a clear example of selective prosecution and to put it bluntly, even though it may cause distaste with some, had I been a Zionist Jew or Christian who trained in Israel to fight against the Palestinians, I would have never been initially charged with violating the Neutrality Act, nor do I think Mr. Kromberg would have ever dreamed of indicting me if that were the case.

Nevertheless, as I have stated earlier, justice will soon prevail more so in the near Hereafter when all injustices will be addressed in an everlasting judgment. I am thankful for all the support everyone has given me, especially my Mother, my family, and those who have been foremost in coming to my aid. I pray that God may protect and preserve them and their families.

Subhana kala hummaa wa bi-hamdik ashhadu an la ilaha illa anta as tag siruka wa atubu ilayk.

Masaud Khan
June 15, 2004

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  1. I attended the sentencing hearing of Masaud Khan, Seifullah Chapman, and Hammad Abdur Raheem. All three brothers spoke well although I believe it was only Br. Masaud that had a statement already prepared.

    May Allah protect the innocent, release the unjustly detained, and reunite them with their loved ones. Ameen.

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