Quiet Time

I’ve been quiet for awhile, alhamdulillah.

We lost power today twice after our area was blanketed with a wintry mix of ice, snow, and wind.

I attempted to write a post today before the power went out and perhaps in sha Allah I’ll try to finish it about why I believe warning, banning, and boycotting is sometimes quite condescending and counterproductive.

I’ve been thinking a lot about converts, not so much why people convert but why they remain in Islam. I took Kamal el-Mekki’s “How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes” workshop for the second time over the weekend, which has also stirred some new connections in my mind.

And I’ve been thinking about Koonj’s post on emotions and my own emotions, not quite ready for the blog, yet. I think that if I feel the need to password protect a post then it shouldn’t be given life on my blog but rather should live in my personal journal.


  1. I feel comfortable with the idea of password protected posts, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to write everything in them. It’s natural to build up a certain degree of trust for the people we correspond with over the net. Of course there’s always the lurking worry that they may not be who they seem to be, but we have to live with that. There are things that I want to write about that I don’t want to broadcast to the entire world, but I don’t mind talking about to people I correspond with regularly. But we are all different I guess 🙂

  2. I agree we are all different, I am generally kinda of shy and quiet in person unless I feel very comfortable and even then I do not usually share my intimate thoughts with too many people so to put in on the blog would be a major step although on occasion I do open up a bit here to a degree that surprises me.

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