Help Free Samaha!

Please help free Samaha.

As you may know from reading the Shame on You post, Samaha was one of the early commenters. Since then, she has not been able to access my site at all except through the WordPress My Comments feature. And even then she is not able to post a reply or navigate to the Muslim Apple site. We have been discussing the issue through email and over at Samaha in the comments section.

Update: I wanna see, I wanna see.

I am not (at least not to my knowledge) blocking her in any way. She says that when she tries to naviagate to she receives the following error message:

Invalid Key

If you have any suggestions on what the issue could be or how to resolve the problem. Please reply here or over at Samaha. Any comments or prayers would be appreciated so that we can help free Samaha in sha Allah.

Update: Darvish is also encountering a similar problem.


  1. Let me give it a try.

    I assume that she’s just selecting your site? Can she type in the URL directly? What exactly is she doing when she gets the message? (And I mean *exactly*: what key is pressed that generates the error.)

    Can she send you a screen print of the screen before and after the error? (Print Screen, then paste into an email, flip back to Word Press, get the error, do another Print and Paste), then email it to you?

    Are any other apps running at the same time, particularly new ones? If so, try a System Restore (assuming thats an option) back to a period when it worked (remember, System Restore can be undone).

    Hope that helps. You have my email address; feel free to forward anything if you think it will help.

  2. Samaha has been using IE 6 so I suggested she upgrade to IE 7 or Firefox 2.0. Bill has been really helpful so we are hopefully moving in the right direction and making some progress.

    To be continued…

  3. Now, that is VERY weird — works on a different PC? Coming in the same way (ie, click the link, or type in the URL?) Man…

    Okay, tell her the computer guy said to completely reformat her hard drive, reinstall everything, and try again

    Yeah, right !

  4. Actually, Bill, I am planning on reformatting my hard drive. I had just finished backing up important files last week. I will also be changing my browser.

    I have in the past had hacker problems and according to the police it was an internet stalker. Do you think this could somehow be related?

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