Some Have Asked…

why I am not writing on my blog. The reasons are many but in general revolve around my not having much to say or more precisely being unsure that my words are beneficial and adhere to my tagline.

It is also possible that the injury to my brain has damaged the part of me that wanted to blog and read other blogs. I no longer react to events around me or in the news with the thought that this would make a good post. I’ve been thinking about reshaping the direction of my blog but I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be a regular blogger.

Chevy S10There are parts of my life that have become inactive in the last couple of months and some other areas which have become more active. Many thanks for the well wishes. Physically, I am much better than in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Mentally, my short term memory is very weak and I still feel as if my brain is processing information at a slower rate than before the accident. I obtained the police report from the accident and it was a white Chevy S10 that plowed into my car.


  1. Subhanallah, I’m sorry to hear that. May Allah make it easy for you and give you a speedy recovery.

  2. I’m one of those that has missed you. I share Amir’s thoughts. Take as good care of yourself as you possibly can.

  3. may Allah do what is best for you, reinstill your physical strength and nourish your eman..
    barakAllah feeki sister..

  4. Assalamualaikum.

    Hope you are feeling better today. Glad to hear from you since it has been a while since your last blog. Please take care and may Allah s.w.t bless you, Amin.

  5. Inshallah i hope you get better soon. Your really and inspiration for alot of us. Take care.

    Ma salama sis!

  6. I pray you recover soon inshaAllah. I have missed you and while I hope you don’t give up this blog altogether, you need to do whatever is best for you.

    Look after yourself.

  7. Asalaamu alaikum. So glad to see you blogging again – I check this blog every day and have been wondering if you were all right.

    Insha Allah I’ll pray for your full recovery. Maybe you can use the blog to help you “strengthen” your mind and spirit. Take care of yourself.

  8. Oh please get better, dear apple. 😦 I am so sad to hear you are not 100%. Please Allah, may you feel better soon, dear sister.

  9. i pray Allah uses it as a means of purification for you. please make a lot of du’a to Allah for Him to restore your health 100% and we will keep prating for you insha Allah. Take good care.

  10. Oh, I didn’t know about your accident. I’m so sorry for not sending duas your way earlier. Please get well soon, dear Muslim Apple.

    Lots of duas and love,


  11. Subanallah! I just heard you had an accident. 😦 Inshallah, I’ll make dua for you. Accidents are tough – especially when your car gets totaled – but the aches and pains usually go away in a couple of weeks, Inshallah. Just relax and take it easy.


  12. Salaams to everyone and many many thanks for the kind words and prayers. I am feeling better and apologize for being so slow to respond to recent comments. I hope to get my blogging back on track in the upcoming days and weeks in sha Allah.

  13. For some reason your blog still doesn’t appear on my blog surfer. I had no idea you were going through so much. May this be an expiation for you. I wish you had a mahram who could take you for hajj/umrah. You’d be amazed at how people have ‘recovered’ after!

    Are you performing ruqyah on yourself or having someone do it for you?

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