I just learned something new

LightbulbOn a Mac, pressing CTRL-V in the Firefox and Camino browsers when writing a post brings up the advanced rich text editor. Had I known this, it could have saved me a lot of hassle these last few months.

On a Windows PC, press ALT-V to bring up the advanced editor in Internet Explorer. This key combination does not work in Mozilla Firefox.


  1. Bill,

    I printed up a list of local apple festivals and orchards that let you pick your own apples and other fruits and have apple treats like pie and cider and hayrides and all that but then I remembered that it is Ramadan and I am fasting during the days and it would be a huge temptation to be around all that good stuff and not to partake in any of it.

    After Ramadan, most of the festivals will be over but the orchards will still be there so I have 3 that I definitely want to visit. Thanks for asking.

  2. I’m not too sure about the Alt+V thing in IE … because the Alt key positions the system to bring up the menus and pressing the appropriate underlined letter will drop down that menu.

    So for example Alt+F will bring up the File menu in IE, and Alt+V will bring up the View menu in IE as well.

    The same goes for Firefox.

  3. Maverick, it works if you are in the text box for writing a post/page in wordpress. I tried it on both my Mac and PC in Firefox and IE7 (which coincidentally has been released today in its final version). Try it, you’ll see only in Firefox on a PC does it bring up the contextual menu.

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