Bacon on Dates

Uncooked BaconI came home from the taraweeh prayers tonight around 11pm. I went into the kitchen to prepare my post-taraweeh meal and I found an open bag of raw uncooked bacon on my box of medjool dates.

I don’t know if this was from my sister’s sick sense of humor or just an irreverent incident but either way I was grossed out. I had to wipe down the box to get the traces off.


  1. Yes, my sister fried the bacon yesterday afternoon. She still hasn’t washed the frying pan so it’s just sitting there on the stove top with all the bacon fat congealed into a thick white mess. My mother and I are not touching it.

  2. Makes sense to me. Sounds pretty gross. But it raises a question: what was it that was initially offensive? ie, do you just not eat bacon, or what? Just curious…

  3. i minute, if da woz da bacon halal, and if no, wot woz ur sis doin wiv haram bacon in da first place?
    i dont fink those dates were rite 2 eat if they had had bacon on them, thats haram.
    bsides, u shud throw away dat frying pan and get a new 1 if its had sommat haram in it cos its apparently as pleet as a dog then
    okay Muslims on this blog will know wot im talking bout

  4. I should have known that! This is something that I’d assume your family (presumably non-Muslim) would have known, too, so your reaction seems pretty mild to me.

    Thank you for explaining it.

  5. Perhaps, I wasn’t very clear in my title and post. The bacon was in the bag from the manufacturer but it was left open persumably for hours on top of my box of dates. So the bacon didn’t actually touch the dates but the top of the container had the I don’t how to put it “bacon juice”, like the liquid left behind when defrosting meat on the box. It didn’t go through the box so I cleaned it off and kept the dates.

    My family is not Muslim lubz so haram and halal has little application in their daily lives but in sha Allah, I will suggest to my sister that she could buy turkey bacon in the future. I purchased a separate frying pan a long time ago for my personal use.

    You are quite welcome, bill.

  6. okay so now i undrestand ur a convert
    soz, woz kindas asleep dat time i posted it in, soz
    still fink u shud have got more dates though if bacon juice woz on da box, still wouldnt trust it though, cos wot if some juice had seeped through da box

    okay im messing bout now, but yeah u ate them, did rite fing

    dont belive in throwing away food
    fink bout da poor

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