Caryle Murphy Update

As you may know from reading the comments to the Caryle Murphy, Yasir Qadhi, and the Headscarf post, Zaynab from Patience & Gratitude used the contact link to send Ms. Murphy her response. She got a response yesterday, well sort of. Read here. It seems Ms. Murphy is no longer affiliated with the Washington Post.

Caryle Murphy responds here and here.


  1. Asalamu alaykum,

    Tell me which blog do you want me to link to? Well, her response leaves a much better impression now considering that she lived and worked in Muslim countries for years and authored a book on Islam.

  2. how happy are you with wordpress? completely? it seems much easier to use, but… what a pain for everyone (okay, all three people who read my blog) to switch. should have done my research first!

  3. I left a lengthy response on your wordpress blog. I forgot to add two things:

    The My Comment feature on wordpress tracks your comments across the blogosphere so you can keep track on conversations.

    And wordpress and Safari are not the best of friends so when I blog to get the full editing tools I use Firefox.

  4. okay, i’ve decided to switch, so from now on you can link to me here, inshaAllah, if you ever want to.

    i’m still working on the theme, be patient, lol!

    i’m sure i’ll have a million questions. thanks for all the help you’ve given already.

    i just switched browsers to camino. so far i like it a lot.

  5. all the links are to a protected blog. So whoo hoo great read, Go team! J/K. Is this info found anywhere else.

  6. J: You are super late. This was news back in 2006. Caryle Murphy asked that her response be removed so it was deleted from that blog and the now the blog is private. I have it saved and were it not for your sarcasm and poor adaab, I might have forwarded it to you. Too bad for you.

    My original post Caryle Murphy, Yasir Qadhi, and the Headscarf is still available.

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