Muslim Link: Breaking the Ranks or Peaceful Protest?

The Muslim Link has finally decided to take up the issue of the Pray In movement through an article in its most recent edition: Breaking the Ranks or Peaceful Protest?

The article gives off the appearance of being fair and balanced, which those unfamiliar with the issues might believe, but the paper’s bias is clearly evident. I’ve written a post to respond directly to some of the inaccuracies but am waiting to see if I can publish on MuslimMatters first before publishing it here.

Scanning through the archives I see issues surrounding the access and accommodation of women  in prayer space and in our communities has been an issue I’ve been concerned about for years:

November 2006: Women’s Jihad – Praying in the Masjid

August 2007: The Masajid Around Seattle

October 2007: Second Class Believers: An Unfortunate Sign at the Masjid

June 2008: Praying on Mountaintops in New Zealand

December 2008: Modern Muslim Chivarly

February 2010: The Penalty Box: Muslim Women’s Prayer Spaces

Outside the Box: A Beautful Jumu’ah

Stand In at D.C. Islamic Center

New Photoblog: Muslim Women’s Prayer Spaces

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