Shaykh Waleed Basyouni: Eid Mubarak

General well-wishes for Eid and a reminder that just because Ramadan is over our duties are not, and a special shout out to his AlMaghrib Institute students. The video is below the fold.

I took the AlMaghrib Rays of Faith seminar with Shaykh Waleed, the two weekends preceding my car accident this past March. And it was as I was leaving on the final Sunday that a sister mentioned that one of my headlights was out. So I went to Jiffy Lube the following Friday and had it repaired, filled up my gas tank to prepare for the following week’s expected commute, got into the left turn lane, and then darkness.

SubhanAllah, we had just spent that last two weekends learning about the pillars of faith including the angels and the stages along the journey to the hereafter and there I was almost (although it wasn’t my time) on my journey to the hereafter but alhamdulillah I was given another chance to turn back to my Lord, my Creator and Sustainer, to repent, and to perform good deeds.

From the Storehouse: Waiting For A Sign

1 Comment

  1. assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,
    Am watchinga program on tv by waleed basyouni subhan’Allah

    did he loose weight or is it just the vid

    Taqabbal Allahu ta’atkum mina wa minkum

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