Case Dismissed Again

I was in court again this morning, for a “failure to yield right of way on left turn” traffic citation, which stems from my car accident earlier this year.

I pleaded not guilty as usual. The police officer was present but neither the driver of the other vehicle nor the witnesses to the accident were present so the case was dismissed because the state could not present any evidence to counter my claim.

The driver of the white truck that hit my car, has retained a lawyer, rejected the offer of compensation from my insurance company, and is claiming continuing soft tissue injuries and ongoing medical treatment, which may result in another courtroom appearance and trial from accident.

From the Storehouse:

Muslim Apple Slightly Concussed

No More Carpooling in This

Case Dismissed


  1. I got a ticket at school today for guess what….PARKING ON THE LINE. SubhanAllah! My back tire was on the line, I wasn’t even taking up the other car’s space. Whats up with that?!

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