Sir Salman Rushdie

The Queen has decided to confer knighthood on the controversial author Salman Rushdie. I, unlike many (especially among Muslims) who criticize the self-described atheist have actually read some of his works including the Satanic Verses.

The only reason I was interested in reading the Satanic Verses was due to the controversy it caused as that piqued my interest. I read the book while I was in high school and before my conversion to Islam. I throughly enjoyed the book and used an online source along with the book that explained many of the impressive esoteric, literary, political, and religious references and connotations used by Rushdie.

After I converted to Islam and had a deeper understanding of my faith, I wanted to read the book again to see if I would feel the same way about it and the second time around, I definately found the book to be in some ways crass and full of gratuitous vulgarity, and to be offensive in its references and snide commentary about Islam and Muslim figures.

That being said, I think the British monarchy is itself mostly irrelevant and these honorary titles are also irrelevant and just a last gasp effort from a faded and dying empire to attempt to hold on to illusions of grandeur.


  1. well said. we give things too much relevance. mind you, I had no idea any of this happened ’till I read it here now, I try to avoid news at all costs.

  2. Assalamualikum
    The queen doesn’t actually choose who gets knighted – it is actually the government. This is an even more irritating senario as it was Blair’s governement who decided to have him honoured just days after Blair was lecturing Muslims about building bridges.
    There are several articles about this on

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    Shaz: I like to avoid much of the infotainment masquerading as “news” as well.

    Karima: We know that the Queen doesn’t actually come up with the list, she doesn’t really do much of anything, but she is the symbolic figurehead of the British government and will most likely be the one officiating at the ceremony. Rusdhie, as an atheist is just the kind of “Muslim” many westerners love to hold up as an example of their vision of the model “civilized” Muslim. Welcome to the blog and hope to check out ummahpulse as it looks quite exciting, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    As a side note: Some of my British cousins visited last year and I had to marvel and laugh at the antiquated statement in the front of their passports.

  4. Yeah, well, laugh all you want! It may be a relic of Britain’s colonial heyday, but as long as it gets me through any border I want, I don’t care!

    How come you never got back to me on ‘Things Fall Apart’? 😦

  5. Ooh, did I touch a nerve, anyway I don’t always get back to the people I know in person in a timely manner so one (especially not one I only know through my blog that keeps asking questions about my literary tastes) should not feel slighted by a delay in response, no offense intended.

    To tell you the truth, I had forgotten that I had not yet responded to your query about that Chinua Achebe book but I was planning to respond to your latest query today. In sha Allah, all in due time.

    Allah is with the patient.

  6. Karima: I wouldn’t want the Queen’s job but I wouldn’t mind having one of her estates.

    M…wahhabi: Talk about a joke, you need to chill out.

  7. I think you’re being a bit unfair to the concept of the monarchy. Its a source of pride to many of the British. A relic of empire, yes, but that doesn’t make it wrong or inconsequential.

  8. I tried to make a joke, and no-one found it funny. Cut me some slack, OK? I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  9. Bill: I never said the monarchy was wrong just that these titles of nobility conferred upon whoever the government desires is of little import.

    M..wahhabi: I’m not going to cut you any slack on my blog, in fact you are on short tether, so watch it, your email to me was crude and vulgar and if you want to play games, I’ll just ban you from commenting. How do you like that autocracy? Feel free to start your own blog and get off mine. Wa salaam.

  10. OK, but I’m just trying to say I’m sorry. Obviously, I don’t know how to get my point across. Sorry.

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