1. Hmm…I think that applies to the car dealers I’ve been talking to, lately, too. Speaking of which — how’s your automotive situation?

  2. Asalamu alaykum,

    Al-Hanbali & Irving:
    I like this gem by al-Ghazali it’s short and sweet.

    Bill: I decided to go for the all wheel drive, safety, and options on a Subaru. I also considered the excellent safety, space, and styling of the VW Jetta and the fuel economy of the Prius.

  3. No flashy Vette, no muscular Hummer? I’m disappointed in you (g).

    We’re getting a Prius, almost certainly. We looked at the Accord (a different market, obviously, than the Prius) and its a lovely car, but for the combination of low emission, fuel, and price, the P was hard to beat.

    I hope you have excellent luck in your Subaru, and also that you’re recovering nicely from your accident. Take care, MA.

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