Nigerian Oil Fires & Somalia Burning

The news out of Nigeria and Somalia this week has been quite grim.

Nigeria is Africa’s leading oil producing country, yet there has been a fuel shortage in Lagos for more than a week with long lines at petrol stations culminating in another burst pipeline and scores of people burnt to death or injured. What can one say? Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon, surely from Allah we came and unto Him is our return.

Somalia, such a beautiful country with beautiful people, will it ever have peace again? Ethiopia and its western supporters should get out of Somalia, whatever one thinks of the Union of Islamic Courts they brought a measure of stabilty to the country in a way that the impotent interim government has never been able accomplish. Somalis have to sort out their issues and then come to the negotiating table and all of this self-interested foreign involvement only serves to increase and prolong the instabilty.

A few planes and helicopters down and some white soldiers killed in Somalia and Rwanda and the west retreated like shamefaced cowards so let them get out of Africa once more.


  1. Muslim apple,

    Sad news in Lagos. your problem is you have never became independend of England, the Queen still rules you. so they suck the oil, while your people starve.

    Don’t hold your breath the white man will never leave Africa and Africa will never welcome them lol

    About Somalia, (sigh) Somalia is blessed with a Sea on one side and sea on the other side, and the white man, the black man, the arab man, the china man, and the jew man all wants that piece of land, unfortunatly, the land is already own by the Somali man and the land is not welcoming anyone else but the Somaliman.

    It is ok, Somalia goes through this century after century, fights broke out, people became crazy. Every super power like to come to Somali only after it come it dies.

    recent history, Pharoahs came, then die, England came only to die few short years, Russia betrayed Somalia only to die few years, I guess US is setting sun and we have not realize yet. 🙂

    Somalia the land of the gods/ the land of punt, they will be protected by the old might insha Allah. only the pure hearts will stand as its enemy fall one by one, whether that enemy is within or without. 🙂 we shall prevail!


  2. Yasmiin,

    Nigeria became independent of the Queen in 1960. And with the discovery of oil was doing quite well for itself until the Biafran war but even after that the value of its currency the Niara was higher than that of the US dollar until some IMF and World Bank restructuring of the economy, debt, and loan payments took care of that and with the disastrous military coup in the 80’s, corruption became rampant and those in power neglected the infrastructure and treated the treasury as if it was their personal savings account.

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