1. inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon, the janaza was announced after jumu’ah today at Dar-us-Salaam. It was a father of some of the community members, also another father of one of the brothers who is an active worker at the masjid passed away in Egypt.

    SubhanAllah how many more reminders will it take for us to prepare for death?

  2. By the way, Br. Safi gave an amazing khutbah at jumu’ah, bi’ithnillah I will be sending you the notes.

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    I wanted to ask you if you intend to go to his class tomorrow so that I can get your notes and go to the janaza, drop me an email in sha Allah.

  4. You are too kind.

    But I’m very glad it churned some of your feelings to the surface and maybe when everything is more settled, you can post on it–for me, if not for yourself.

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