Junk Mail

3 pieces of junk mail arrived in the mailbox for me today:

The L.L Bean Christmas 2006 catalog. Couldn’t they wait until after Eid?

The Black Expressions book catalog. How do they know I’m black? Nothing too interesting in there. I’m not interested in T.D. Jakes or the Christian fiction (an ironic category) or the “steamy reads”.

The “urban fiction” category is interesting but I find the term urban annoying I mean why can’t they just say black. What’s so urban about some black kids in the suburbs or young black professionals?

And a promotional mailing from Cosmpolitan magazine. Included in the envelop are three previous magazine covers which catchy headlines like:

60 Sex Skills, Tight Butt, Abs & Thighs, Sex Goddess Secrets, Never Have a Zit Again, Bedside Astrologer 2006, 50 Fun Ways to Get Close to Him, and Guys Secret Language.

Can’t say I’m that interested and certainly not enough to actually pay for a subscription. But wait, it gets better:

15 Lucky People will will an iPod Nano Black iPod Nanoand 1 Lucky Person will receive $1,000 cash. No Purchase or Payment Necessary.

Well, my current iPod is a little outdated. It’s a discontinued 15GB 3rd generation one with way too many scratches and the poor battery barely holds its charge anymore.

But I feel if I send the form back just to enter the giveaway that I will be inundated with more offers to subscribe to Cosmo or that now that they know I am an actual living person they will sell my info to more companies thereby increasing the amount of junk mail I receive at home.

I don’t really want the Nano. If they were offering a 30GB video iPod then maybe, but I think I’ll pass.

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