The New York Times | Andrea Elliott on Generation 9/11

Photo by Guy Calaf for The New York Times

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Andrea Elliott profiles 3 young American Muslims, including me, in her most recent article, Generation 9/11, about the generation that came of age in the post-9/11 decade.

It’s humbling to read your own story told by someone else. More reflections later, God willing.


  1. Salaam! Cool article, and awesome to see you featured! It’s interesting how many of us converted/became practicing after 9/11… I must say, at my own high school, there was tremendous interfaith solidarity after the attacks and meetings to forge understanding between the faiths, especially between the MSA and the Jewish student org. This gave me the courage in the following months to assume the religion I always felt the most at home in. Power to those who did not have that suport and went forward anyway.

    Ws, ~Chinyere

    1. Salaam Chinyere, while I had learned small snippets here and there about Islam prior to 9/11, it was only afterward that I began trying to learn as much as I could about the religion.

      I think one of the positive developments that resulted in the aftermath of the attacks has been the Muslim community’s coming to terms with its uniquely American identity and forming partnerships with other faith groups.

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