Ramadan in DC | Hurricane Irene’s Aftermath

Annapolis, Maryland

What a week, this Ramadan came in gently like lamb and appears to be going out with a vengeance like a lion. The death toll stands at twenty-two. Thankfully, I’m okay but like many in the DC area, we’re still without power.

Cell phone service is spotty so you might not be able to reach me. Text is good, trying to conserve my battery for as long as I can. No word or estimate yet from the power company on when power might be restored.

Many iftars at mosques and tarawih and qiyam prayers across the DC metro region were cancelled last night in advance of Hurricane Irene.

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    1. Alhamdulillah, I’m okay, just no electricity at home but cell phone service seems to be returning. Typing this from my aunt’s house.

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