NicheHero Day 4 & 5: What I Learned at NicheHero

What Did I Learn from NicheHero?

Planning & Experience

I learned a lot about leadership, management, human nature and personality-types, motivating factors, and what to do and to avoid when launching a project. Muhammad Alshareef shared with us numerous priceless gems tested through his own real life experience and by far the biggest lesson I learned was that in order for me to do or achieve anything, in order to build a successful project or to leave a legacy, I will need to take the first step and be consistent in taking action. Good planning and getting the right people in place from the beginning can forestall the many pitfalls which can harm your project and organization.


I learned to be open to legitimate criticism but to not allow my critics, especially those whom I don’t value their opinion on an issue to become my boss driving and dictating my actions. And even though, I might not value your opinion on one issue and vice-versa that need not prevent us from being on amicable terms.

Personality Types

There’s a great difference between A-player type eagles, we fly high and solo, we can be difficult to get along with and stubborn. We don’t suffer mediocrity lightly in the areas where we excel and think everyone should be able to rise up to our level of work and commitment and excellence. When we are running our own projects we may not care to listen to other voices, especially those who do not have what we’re looking to achieve.

Human beings are programmed for social conformity, and we use many different techniques to influence others to maintain the status quo. When you step up or out in front, those who are doing less than you may feel bad and may use criticism as a way to make themselves feel better and to bring you back into line with them.

Step Away from the Cliche

Among the most cliche issues in the Muslim community are ragging on mosque leadership, the overused women are “fitna” line and way of thinking, and wanting to become a consultant or teacher. Many of those who say they want to consult are afraid of taking meaningful action on a project that will build their reputation and authority to claim the credibility necessary with their target audience.

Need for Balance

Working for Islam should not burn you out and if it does it’s probably because your intention is messed up or some other key area of your life is out of balance. When you have the correct intention and your life is in balance, working for the deen (religion) will invigorate and strengthen you.

Summarized Benefit

To sum up, get over your neuroses, stop making lame excuses, analyze the situation and consistently take action to implement the framework that has worked for other successful projects.

Was it worth it, should you attend NicheHero?

Yes, it was completely worth it, you should attend if given the opportunity. Let’s move beyond mindless criticism, frustration, and inaction and begin to work building something that we love to do that benefits others and is profitable.

What’s Next?

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    1. Isata, thanks for reading and commenting, NicheHero was an amazing oppurtunity, hoping to blog more as I begin to implement what I’ve learned, insha’Allah.

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