Post a Week in 2011? Who’s In?

I’m in.

WordPress has issued this challenge to its users to post either once a day or once a week in 2011 and I’d like to accept the post a week challenge. It’s already three weeks into January so I have some catching up to do this week. I think the more I write the easier it becomes and it helps me process my thoughts. People sometimes email and ask me why I’m not writing more often so if you see I haven’t posted in over a week, make sure you let me know about here in the comments.

A few things in my head that may turn into posts:

You don’t need a fatwa for everything because Allah gave you and intellect, which must be exercised through critical thinking. People are still arguing with all due respect about the fatawa of dead men and trying to with great earnestness and sincerity to apply these fatawa, which are often limited by the person answering, the one asking, and the realities of world and culture at that time and place to the modern context without due reflection or critical thought, which is a recipe destined for failure.

I’ve been updating my oursides blog, the Facebook Pray-In Fan Page, and created a PrayinProtest YouTube page.

We live in a culture and society that mocks others, which is quite detrimental to the development of sincerity. We put on these masks that we can use to hide behind out of fear of others seeing us as we are and mocking or attacking us.

Watched a panel discussion hosted by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) at their 2010 annual convention. Very enjoyable and quite a bit of the discussion focused on an issue dear to my heart i.e. the poor treatment and exclusion of women from mosque space and in our communities. Heartened by watching the Me and the Mosque documentary by Zarqa Nawaz about these same issues from 6 years ago.

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