DC Police to NOT Intervene in Future Pray-Ins

The D.C. police department will no longer intervene in an ongoing protest by Islamic women over their place in area mosques, The Washington Examiner has learned…

“We are not to get involved,” Inspector Matthew Klein wrote in a May 24 e-mail. “Important that our officers not escort women out of there.”

Klein’s e-mail, marked “IMPORTANT,” follows a directive from Police Chief Cathy Lanier to her command staff, telling them to “make sure your [officers] are aware of our position. …”

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Read more at the Washington Examiner: D.C. Police Won’t Intervene to Remove Women From Mosques


  1. The article mentions “…she’s grown increasingly worried about the role of Saudi-backed conservatives in the faith and sees her protests as a push back…”

    Seriously? What Saudi’s have been backing anything? I hope this is an interpolation by the interviewer, because Saudi is an easy scapegoat for anyone who wants to draw attention to Mosque issues in the states.
    An easy straw-man for a difficult issue.

    Secondly, is she calling for the right to pray side-by-side with men? Or is she merely asking for equal access to the main prayer hall? I was of the impression that she was interested in the latter.

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