Ilm Summit Reflections #3

We are not the best amongst the study body of AlMaghrib Institute in totality, although some of us may be from amongst the best. Rather, a more accurate statement would be that we are of the fortunate that were able to hear about Ilm Summit,  to afford  or to find a sponsor, that were able to travel and get time off from duties at home, work, and school.

Next year, we are being asked to bring something to this summit of ilm. We are being asked to bring our Quran. One cannot be serious student of knowledge without having an attachment to the Quran and we cannot be from the people of the Quran and ad-dhikr remembrance if we are not consistent in reading the book of Allah.

In sha Allah, on next year’s application there will be a new section in addition to the current question about how much Quran we have memorized asking us how many times we finish reading the Quran from cover to cover each year. One of our teachers, Br. Wisam Sharieff from Bayyinah Institute reminded us that the science of tajweed, proper Quranic recitation is an ignored and forgotten science. Many are the students that know verbatim minor fiqh issues and their related evidences from moonsighting to halal meat or the intricacies of aqeedah but few, are those who can pronounce the Arabic letters with the right due to them and hence are content to continue reciting incorrectly, day after day, year after year.

I’ve set my goals for reading and memorization to be completed before next year’s Ilm Summit, may Allah help me to achieve it.


  1. SubhanAllah. What Bro. Wisam says is extremely true. Fiqh of Priorities has been lost from the Muslims in the West..

  2. Arif: Ameen

    Yus: Br. Wisam’s advice is to slow down our recitation, just read the letters off the page and not from what is in our heads and work on five things, is the letter heavy or light, the place of pronunciation, where each letter lives, the accents, whether we stretch or bounce the letter, etc. They are some good videos on highlighting Br. WIsam’s work with us during Ilm Summit.

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