cropped-eviction-1Every time I see an eviction, I cry.

There is something about seeing a family’s belongings on the street that always gives me pause, humbles me, and causes me to reflect upon the blessings in my life.

Say a prayer, for this family and for others like them. I saw the family with a tiny U-Haul truck gathering what they could of their possessions that had been quite unceremoniously dumped at the curb. These are the items they left behind.



  1. Yeah, you really have to watch for those lurkers — you can’t tell WHO is out there reading your material! (g)

    We’re all well. Daughter’s ready for summer (she wants to a) get a job b) take martial arts classes and c) have the whole summer free (!) ), wife’s still employed, amazingly enough, and me — I’m still a retired slug, baking and reading and whatnot.

    Take care!

  2. This always breaks my heart. May Allah make it easy for them and all the families around the world that are struggling to survive. Ameen

  3. Assalamu Aleikum,

    What’s even worse is when you see people digging through the stuff trying to take whatever they can….:( May Allah SWT keep a safe roof over all of our heads and remember to pray for the ones who have lost theirs.

  4. We should thank Allah for giving some of us good and comfortable place to lay our heads.
    Alhamdullilah. A place of our own and not of others who will be pushing us anywhere.


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