No, Not By Any Means Necessary, Please

Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness of the station manager: “He was obeyed, yet he inspired neither love nor fear, nor even respect. He inspired uneasiness…”

Even though I agree with many of the sentiments expressed in the post “Obama and The Lesson of The Two Hijabis” by Umar Lee, I disagree with his view that it was “smart politics” or some how justified to exclude these women. That the Obama campaign should be lauded or excused for its lack of principle and its flip-flopping and distancing itself from issues that are no longer viewed as politically expedient.

Immorality, lack of principle, and cowardice often masquerade as “smart politics”.

Lawyers from the Bush administration have been testifying before Congress in the last few weeks to say that it was “smart politics” or due to the circumstances, the fever of the moment, etc. that caused them to ignore the Geneva Conventions, the treaty against torture, U.S. and international law, legal precedent, and morality to justify torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. They have used arguments that would not have stood up at Nuremburg.

Politics in and off itself is not immoral, but rather, the political actors that are immoral when they sacrifice principle before the alter of political expediency. Obama has many good qualities, yet, I am annoyed by the excuses people make for him as he throws one issue after another under the bus, as if no issue is important as long as he is elected by any means necessary, which is also immoral.

Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness of the station manager: “That was it! Uneasiness. Not a definite mistrust — just uneasiness — nothing more. You have no idea how effective such a… a… faculty can be.

No idea, indeed.

From the Storehouse:

Hijabis for Obama? Maybe Not Anymore

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