Eid on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

Eid Mubarak on whichever day you celebrate!

Dar us Salaam, PGMA, ISB, and Dar al Taqwa are celebrating Eid on Friday while MCC, Dar al Hijrah, ADAMS Center, and ISWA are celebrating on Saturday, not yet sure about ICM.

Update: ICM states that there were zero credible sightings anywhere in the world so they are also doing Eid on Saturday.

The Friday group are using the opinion of the crescent moon being sighted anywhere in the world to determine the start and end of Ramadan while the Saturday group is solely using ISNA and the Fiqh Council of North America’s calculations.

Last year, I mentioned that I supported ISNA’s 5 year calendar but I’ve changed my opinion and have withdrawn my previous position.

Which day is your community celebrating Eid?

For more information on the celebration of Eid on possibly four days in the US, check out the discussion on Muslim Matters.


  1. Did anyone report seeing it Thursday evening in the States?

    If it was seen in the east it would appear in the west.

  2. Happy Eid ul-Fitr.

    I seek your forgiveness for all my intended and unintended wrongdoings geared towards you.

    May Allah s.w.t accept your good efforts.

    oh yeh, Singapore’s celebrating Eid on Saturday.

  3. Asalamu alaykum Yunir: Eid Mubarak, no need to ask for forgiveness, whatever has passed is forgiven and forgotten.

    Ameen to your dua. I know one lovely sister from Singapore that was here with us in the States for a few years and just moved back there.

  4. Major Masaajid on Long Island, NY (My Community):
    Islamic Association of Long Island (IALI-Selden) – Saturday
    Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI-Westbury) – Saturday
    Masjid Darul Quran (Bayshore) – Saturday
    Islamic Center of Melville – Friday

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