Zakat al-Fitr Online

Dar us Salaam in College Park now has an online option for paying the zakat al-fitr that is required of every Muslim. The money will be used to buy food items, which in turn will be distributed to needy families in the area.

The distribution by volunteers begins this weekend so pay or buy items early, and sign up to help distribute the items to individual families or to discreetly pass on the name of a family in need to the Zakat committee.

Zakat ul Fitr Online

From the Storehouse:

Pay Zakat al Fitr Now

Did You Pay Zakat al Fitr?


  1. InshaAllah for anyone who wants to volunteer for packaging, come to the masjid after Dhuhr on saturday and for brothers who want to help with distribution, come on sunday after dhuhr inshaAllah. (distribution is only for brothers)

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