How Not To Use the Contact Me Page

Please do not contact me if you are mentally unstable or just immature and want to talk to someone to make yourself feel significant because I’m not the one for that, I’m going to tell you like it is or just ignore you and then you may feel worse.

Please do not contact me if you want me to make salaatul istikhara for you or someone in your family that is looking to get married. A bit of advice, do it yourself and watch this lecture by Abdulbary Yahya on istikhara called Divine GPS: The Inner Dimension of Salaatul Istikhara.

Please do not contact me if Islam to you is about laypeople seeking out the faults of the people of knowledge so that you can boycott them except for a few select people that you claim to have access to only through translations of a tele-link and hurt only yourself and those that listen to you by your actions.

Please do not contact me if you have some crazy 419 scheme where you think you need my help to obtain a bazillion dollars.


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum;


    1. If you figure out the gender of a blogger, please do not be tacky and “contact” him/her for marriage proposals for yourself or any of your relatives.

    2. Do not post your paticulars on a blog page in hopes of catching a zawj. (Yes, I know literacy is a big plus in zawj, but you will most likely be hijacking a thread, and bloggers hate that.)

    3. Do not comment “Great thread! I agree!” and then sign your post with a link to (Yes, I have seen this with me own eyes. There exists a segment of society who are paid to do nothing more than scour blogs all day and link to commercial sites. It’s like getting those flimsy envelopes stuffed with ads that come in your mailbox. Yes. “SPLOG”…a spammed blog. I said it first. I think.)

    4. DO post your own comments that are RELEVANT to the post, without being vexatious, hubristic, downright vitriolic or pedantic in a manner malapropos of the lexicon of the readership….(what?!)

    5. Do use simple words.

  2. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    No Umm Atiyya, you didn’t invent the word splog. In fact, there has even been a “Splogspot” keeping track on spam blogs for ages.

  3. You and me both, Umm.

    And I guess this means the proposal of marriage so I can get your inherited wealth is out, too, huh, MA? Rats…

  4. Salaamo Allahi Alayki .. I am intrigued by this post and the subsequent comments. I did not realise that the hormone levels in the male Muslim blogsphere were so uncontrolled. Is this really such a problem ?

    Personally I would never want to marry someone I “met” through the internet the whole process is so hit and miss.

  5. Asalamu alaykum,

    The usual spam aside, I used to get some unusual comments that I always deleted without publishing and then since I’ve added the contact page all sorts of people have come out of the woodwork, I don’t mind being contacted by people that want to say salaam or get to know me better off the blog or to ask a question or promote an event and things of that nature but there have been some strange completely off-base comments.

    Kashmiri Nomad, welcome to the blog. I almost married someone I met through an online Muslim marriage site and as it turned out we lived pretty close to each other but with the restrictions on interactions between brothers and sisters and both of us being converts, we most likely would never have met or been able to speak had it not been for the medium of the internet. I think the internet is a tool, a starting point to find people, and then from there is the standard business of getting to know each other.

  6. Bill: Sorry, I only have 2 cents and my daughter gets one of them!

    Kashmiri Nomad: I agree with Muslim Apple; it’s tool that can either be used in a halal way for a halal benefit, or it can used in a haram way for nonsense. It is difficult for American-born Muslims to meet potential mates if they adhere to the adaab of female-male interactions, which basically means we don’t get in each other’s faces or call attention to ourselves or have conversations without mahrams/walis being present. Plus, many of us come from families in which we are the only Muslim so we don’t have the benefit of family members helping to match us with potential mates like so many of our foreign-born brothers and sisters do. But even face-to-face sit down meetings with a mahram or wali can be abused if one’s intention is corrupted and there’s a disease in the heart. I’ve heard stories from sisters about brothers actually having the nerve (bad adaab) to ask to see more of a sister’s body than shyness would dictate!

    I have a profile on a site and I clearly state that I will not “chat” or exchange a whole bunch of emails. If that’s what they want, then I’m not the kind of woman they’re looking for. I won’t do more than a few precursory emails to ascertain basic things in common. If there is an interest beyond that, brothers are directed to contact my wali. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten many inquiries, but that’s fine. Weeds out the knucklehads.

  7. Well, if it don’t beat all! I actually got an inquiry of marriage on someone’s blog! I had posted some comments on a blog, some brother read them, then asked the blogger if he could get my email to inquire about marriage. Didn’t know I could have that kind of effect on people!

  8. Don’t know yet..Allahu ‘Alim! I guess if somebody can read something I wrote and think about wanting to marry me, well then, I guess majoring in English wasn’t such a bad idea!

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