Actual Muslim Leaders in the News

It is increasingly rare to see accurate stories about Muslim leaders in the news media, even rarer still for the media to allow practicing Muslims that are in good standing and have an actual following in their communities to speak in their own words about aspects of their faith, and even more rare for these Muslims to have been raised in the west, learned Arabic as adults, and that speak in unaccented (of course that exclusionary term means American or Canadian) English.

Washington Post: A Journey of the Heart, which follows Imam Safi Khan as he prepares to lead his RendezVous Travel hajj group. If and when I apply to go to hajj again it will be with this group in sha Allah.

Newsweek: Ingrid Mattson raised Catholic, this Muslim professor is bringing the moderate viewpoint to the world.


  1. I remember that class with br. Safi, mashaAllah, it was really packed that first saturday. I had no idea there was a reporter there. Its a nice article.

    Allahumma a’izzal islaama wal muslimeen. ameen

  2. That reminds me about a joke Muhammad Faqeeh told us, that at your typical masjid halaqah there are about 5 people: the imam, the imam’s relative, two uncles, and an FBI agent unless you’re in the DC area and then there are two FBI agents, (and now maybe a reporter).

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    Ameen. I remember hearing her lectures for the first time because they had a major impact on me and also appreciate her efforts in the community. She’s a real example of a Muslim role model.

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