Post-Eid Notes

I’ve always found it a bit sad that after the Eid salaah, the masjid becomes deserted for the rest of the day. Yesterday, some sisters and I returned to the masjid to pray Asr only to find the whole building locked, when just a few hours ago it was bursting with more than a thousand worshippers.

And of course, not only were all the doors locked but we also accidentally set off the masjid’s alarm system. We thought for sure, the masjid security brothers were still inside but no, even they had left so there was no one to explain the alarm to and we didn’t want to hang around for the cops or anyone to show up so we rolled-out in our cars pretty quickly. Apologies to the masjid.

I received the sweetest and most unexpected Eid gift this year. I love my sisters in Islam. There was no house-hopping this Eid, which is kind of unusual so several sisters and I did our own version of house-hopping and stopped over at Amina Thai.

The place was jam-packed but the sister who runs it was so nice to us even though we didn’t have a reservation, she actually had to turn away other people even one group that had a reservation. We felt bad because we were most likely sitting in their set of reserved tables.

One thing I love about Muslims especially sisters is that whenever you go out to eat, we fight to pay the bill and try to do it on the down-low as much as possible. Yesterday, while 2 sisters were arguing (in a polite way) how to split the bill as both wanted to pay for everyone, a third sister jumped up and beat them to the punch and paid the bill. The other two couldn’t believe they had been upstaged in claiming the ajr of feeding other people.

And when I’m in Ottawa (which has been probably more than half a dozen times in the last two years), it’s so crazy but I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually bought a meal or fake white chocolate mocha or a real white chocolate mocha because a sister is always paying for me.

Then for dhuhr salaah, we walked down to my work to pray but my office was closed, which is unusual but I guess everyone was enjoying the extended weekend so we prayed on the grass.

Studies have proven that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is the least productive work week of the entire year in the U.S. This was clearly in evidence last week, hardly anyone showed up to work at my office so even though I was working hard, when I needed to ask someone a question, they were often no where to be found and the traffic on the beltway for my early morning commute was also non-existent. I couldn’t believe how I was cruising at or above speed (there were so many cops out last week) during normal rush hour where average speeds are between 5-15 mph.

Two things that also began forming in my mind:

One: I think most drop-top hijabis are trying to be sincere and sweet and then in and of itself is quite touching and moving.

Two: Apple orchards in cold climates do not give fruit year-round and so perhaps it is time for this Muslim Apple to go into a form of hibernation or khalwa. But before that, I have a promise to Amani to keep in sha Allah.

May everyone have a blessed Eid.


  1. may Allah reward you muslim apple.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ inshaAllah Allah rewarded you for your intentions of praying in the masjid even though it was closed and you didn’t…
    may Allah also reward you soon with an Umrah you have expressed

  2. you’ve wanted…(my daughter climbed onto the laptop and that’s why this comment is part of the first but she hit enter before i could finish it!)

    anyways..eid mubarak to u too…who knows maybe next year you’ll be in makkah..(ameen)

  3. In sha Allah. I hear you’re rolling out soon to Madinah, may Allah make the transition easy for you and that is too cute about your daughter climbing onto the laptop. Eid Mubarak to you Suhaa and to your little ones.

  4. jazakAllah kheir for your duaa, for i (and my parents whom i am leaving inshaAllah) are in lots of need for both. inshaAllah we leave on sunday and although i’ve started my new blog about it ( i’m not sure if i’ll be able to continue with it or not…depending i guess how my life is shaped over there by Allah. but hopefully inshaAllah i’ll still have a chance to have a dose of muslim apples every now & then ๐Ÿ™‚

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