Is Your Boss…

a Jewish carpenter? Jewish Carpenter

I’ve always found this bumper sticker and that claim to be rather disconcerting. While, I was going to delve into my feelings on why this is so, I found that someone has already done it.

Side Note: Black People Love Us

Reverend Ken Collins debunks the Jesus was a carpenter myth using scriptural evidences from the Bible to say it is more likely that Jesus was a rabbi.

I don’t remember this idea as Jesus being Jewish or being a carpenter ever really being emphasized in Sunday school, Bible camp, or church in my youth.


  1. Interesting. I’d always assumed that he *was* a carpenter, at least by training. But either way, I don’t think it is relevent to the teachings, do you?

  2. No, I don’t think it’s relevant to the overall message, it seems like a curious side note or urban legend, but I find that phrase as used on bumper stickers disconcerting for other reasons.

    I find it similar to people caught making racist statements saying some of my best friends are black as if that excuses their behavior. In the same way, saying Jesus was a Jewish carpenter and is your boss, implies that the person cannot or should not be thought of as anti-semitic even if they then proceed to make vile remarks.

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