Dr. Mamdouh’s Arabic For Quran Class

Gems from Dr. Mamdouh’s Arabic for Quran class:

Golden Rule: The more conscious you are in class, the less learning. The less conscious you are, the more learning.

Don’t ask why (at least in the beginning, in higher levels you can ask why). Children don’t ask why we say this word instead of that word. They don’t ask about the subject verb relationship. They listen, imitate, increase in their understanding and can become quite proficient without being able to articulate grammatical rules.

Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed is offering his Quranic Arabic class based on the six texbook series he authored once again at the Fairfax Institute. The sign-up and general information session is this Sunday at 1pm in Herdon.

Alhamdulillah, I was able to take several levels with Dr. Mamdouh and my love, understanding, and comprehension of Arabic increased dramatically, which definitely improved my relationship with the Quran.

Sign up Today! And then come to the Dar us Salaam fundraiser.

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