Blogging from Work

The contractor working on the outside of our house cut our cable/internet line for about the fourth or sixth time (I’ve lost count) in the last year and our ISP doesn’t intend to fix it for at least another week. Backhoes and flimsy underground cables lines are not a good mix.

So, I’ve been living under my rock, only catching a few snippets of news reports here and there on my car radio. Jose Padilla, an American citizen is still being detained in solitary confinement after several years without trial. Augusto Pinochet is dead. And many in the media (at least on the radio) can’t seem to pronounce either of their names correctly but have no problem saying Litvinenko.

Three blogs I used to read and one still on my blog list (in hopes that it might return) have been deleted by their owners. It’s a strange feeling that news from those corners of the world has now been closed off to me since I didn’t know any of those bloggers except through their blogs. May Allah protect them.

A side note that occurred to be while reflecting on the Litvinenko post, what would happen to my blog if I died…


  1. I know the feeling — we had it happen here. The contractor didn’t seem all that surprised, though the guy from the cable company muttered that they were ‘supposed to be buried deeper than that’. You can always come park in our driveway and piggyback on the router signal….

  2. Thanks Bill, but I think that drive would be a bit too far. This is the third time in less than a month that the line has been cut. Now, after I threatened to cancel my service I’m getting my bill for this month slashed by more than half and amazingly the line was replaced while I was at work yesterday much sooner than their previous estimate.

    Salaam MuslimUnity, I was thinking of switching back to the Quentin theme for a day but then wordpress introduced this new theme with customizable colors.

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