Yaser Fazaga – War on Truth

Watch Video: Yaser Fazaga – War on Truth

Excerpts from the lecture:

Allah subhana wa ta ala says:

And indeed We have sent Moses with clear signs to his people with the following command that you deliver your people out of darknesses into the light of guidance and remind them of the days of Allah. Indeed in doing so there is a sign for ever patient and thankful man.

The first casualty of war is the truth.

We are told three major lies about the the war in Lebanon and the larger war against the Truth:

Lie Number 1: That this is a religious war between Islam and Jews and Christians

A katuysha rocket fell in Nazareth believed to be the birthplace of Eesa yet we never hear about the destruction in Qanaa, which is the place of the first miracle of Eesa alayhis salaam as described in the Bible.

This war is about the oppressed and oppressors. The occupiers and the occupied. The wrongdoers and people that are wronged.

The golden era of Judaism was under Muslim rule in Spain.

At a Christian Evangelist protest march in Washington, one pastor George Hardy said that the war in Lebanon was a “miracle of God” and to intervene would be to go against “God’s foreign policy.”

George Bush thanked him for “spreading the hope of God’s love and the universal gift of freedom.”

People are quoting the Bible to support war but all we hear about is some verses taken out of context in the Quran as if this is the mainstream opinion.

Frederick Douglas mentioned an incident in which his master and that of his aunt had just come from Sunday service at the local church. The aunt of Frederick Douglas made the master angry and so the master took off his aunt’s clothes and began to whip her. While he was whipping her, the master was quoting verses from the book of Leviticus Chapter 17 in the Bible about obeying the master. “He who knows the will of his master and does it not shall be punished with the stripes.

Lie Number Two: This war is about democracy

This war is not about democracy, it’s about hypocrisy.

Martin Luther King Jr. said: The most dangerous man is the man that has nothing to lose.

We are creating more men that have nothing to lose on a daily basis in this war against the Truth.

Why do they hate us?
Our beliefs, our democracy. These are all lies.

People don’t hate us because of our democracy, they hate us because of our hypocrisy.

People do not hate our living standards, they hate our double standards.

People do not hate us or envy what we have internally, they hate what we do to them externally.

If you are mad at the potential death of civilians in the liquid bomb airline plot why aren’t you mad at the actual death of innocent civilians in Palestine and Lebanon.

An eye for an eye means you take the eye of the perpetrator in exchange for the eye of the victim. Not that you go and make another victim.

Gandhi said: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

You can kill a racist but you cannot kill racism. You can kill a hater but you cannot kill hatred.

You do not bring darkness to illuminate darkness. You bring light to illuminate darkness.

Second Khutbah:

A man asked, when is the Hour?

The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, what have you done to prepare for it?

Another time he sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, when honesty no longer exists between the people then you should await the Day of Judgment.

O Messenger of Allah, how is it [honesty] lost?

When the people in charge are the least qualified to do so.

When the least informed chose the least qualified to lead them, you do not call it democracy, you call it a disgrace.

We are saved from oppression by three lines of defense:

– The decency of people
– Our own ability to defend ourselves
– People in authority

When the people of authority are not just, then Allah will intervene to rectify the situation. The President and his supporters are fond of the term “Islamic fascism” but not Catholic Nazis or Christian Fascism.

To those that say it [these terms] is a necessity remember:

Necessity has always been the justification of the tyrants and the creed of the slaves.

A Muslim is neither a tyrant nor should be a willing slave. We are being tested to not be foolish by doing the things we accuse others of but to stand up for justice regardless of who the oppressors and oppressed are.

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