1. I like those, though the idea of having more foes than I know of is a scary one. Foes, me? The only foe I know of is the one that comes right after Fee Fi and before Fum….

    Take care.

  2. mashallah that was really really nice! I loved the one about death. subhanallah it’s so true that we keep procrastinating when it comes to our loves and what really matters and that is our attainment to jannah. yet and still we chase after the dunya. I am linking to you ok! Jazak allahu kahiran.

  3. Asalamu alaykum.

    I don’t have an exact source for that saying attributed to Ali radiyAllahu anhu, I generally include the source if I have it on hand but I think I found it on the Drops of Wisdom blog. As for the Persian proverb that was from a quotations widget on my Mac’s Dashboard.

    I believe both of the sayings are correct in meaning irrespective of attribution and a good reminder.

    I remember listening to one lecture where the speaker mentioned how people always say after I do this or that then I’ll begin practicing or go for hajj or whatever and what they really mean is that they are going to delay it until after they are dead. SubhanAllah.

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