Imam Johari AbdulMalik: Preparation & Words

Imam Johari Abdul Malik: After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Pakistan some people have asked the question, “when will the hour come?” but the question should be “what have you prepared for that day“.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj: Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never harm you is a lie. Sometimes words are more powerful and more harmful than physical violence.

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki: Every society has its words, and the more words they have for something, the more important it is to them.

Allah is known to us by more than 100 names and attributes. The Quran has more than 25 names. The Arabs have more than 160 words for camels. In English, there are dozens of words for alcohol.


  1. asalamu aleykum

    the word lion has several names in arabic, and the day of judgment, also Sword

    alhamdullelah am glad you said that Allah has more than 100 names, but i dont know if it is appropriate to put such statement with arabs haveing more than 160 words for camels, one is divine the other is linguistic,

    Arabs have a tone of words for alcohol too!
    in fact there is a whole topic or theme of poetry that arabs have and its just about wine/ khamr
    of which sufis have used in their own way,,
    so we speak of khamriyaat.

  2. assalaamu alaykum,

    re: sticks and stones. when i was considering marrying my husband, we spoke about hitting wives (specifically 4:34). it’s relatively easy to set limits for what is appropriate in this area. it’s easy to see bruises or broken bones for what they are. but the words we choose, the tones and facial expressions, attitudes subtely conveyed, these are harder to define and point out. but oooh they can hurt.

    Allah has made our teeth a cage for our tongues. i love that image.

    none of us are prepared for the day of judgement. none of us! imam johari’s point is so well taken.

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